Monday, March 26, 2007

Quiet Monday

It's darn quiet in the office today, no one but the three girls are around.. I wonder where the rest have gone to.. But I like it when boss is not around, finally I have the time to do some clean-up, throw away all the old stuff, follow up on the items that had been pending but wasn't urgent.

It was a hot hot hot weekend, the weather was so darn warm and I was practically melting at home.. Last night was the worst, we've got the air-conditioning at its max but it was still warm and with Ah Dear taking up majority of the bed, I got fed up and went to sleep on the floor. It's not comfortable, but at least I get to move my limbs around.

Plus, the floor is darn cooling.

Went nuts over Wii and DS over the weekend, spent the whole sat on Cooking Mama only to find that my data was erased the next day!!! argh.. This cannot be happening but the truth is it did.. What to do? Just play all over again lor..

I'm now a B in Big Brain Academy, with a score of 1496 ok, dun play play :p

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