Monday, March 26, 2007


That's my nicest description of her. I'm seriously trying to be nice here..

Yap yap yap yap yap.. Everything she wanted, we did it up for her, then who gets the blame when things go wrong?? Us of course, it's never her.

Huh? How come I don't know about that? How can this be happening?? I'm sorry but that cannot be done.. I'm sorry but.. I'm sorry.. .. ...

I'm sorry.. but I wasn't listening, you were saying?? Oh actually I heard what you were saying, I just didn't understand gibberish, my teachers forgot to teach me when I'm in school.

Sometimes you wonder where people get their IT knowledge from, guesswork? How do you prevent people from taking screenshots? I know you can do that with Media player, but that's coz it's a program on it's on, but to prevent the taking of screenshots with this lousy system?! Are you kidding me? Maybe if I go Abracadabra, all the function will cease to work?! Maybe it will work better if I light some candles in a pentagon.. I shall go hunt for some tea light and set doing that tomorrow.

It's so argh.. she was the one who wanted all the changes and now she's blaming us for opening a can of worms?!

Asking us to stay back to get things done?!? Hello, you dun fucking own my life, I work for you from 9am to 6pm, that's stated very clearly in the contract, everything is in black and white, I do not have to stay back late and I've been staying back late for the past 3 weeks, is that not good enough? Now you're asking us to stay back again? You stay like a stone's throw away and I stay in fucking woodlands, which is like more than an hour of transport away.

Stay back?? I have a life, I have my own things to do, I'm already very tired from the past three weeks, I came to work even when I'm sick, running a fever, having a running nose, is that not enough? Is there no end to your demands??

I'm really very tired.. very very tired.

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Anonymous said...

it's actually quite simple to disable screen captures. :p

1) pull out the PrintScreen key from all keyboards

2) ensure no screen capture programs can be run on ur PC via whitelisting of allowed programs' hash checksum

3) loads a small dll into memory which can intercept all key presses and reject PrintScreen key


p.s. there are many programs that can screen capture media player.