Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another technical issue solved

by us and not the bloody technical person. Why do we need him if we are the ones who are cracking our heads solving the issues? It does not make any sense at all.

Enlighten me, if I have a problem with the system that all users with the surname ch'ng have some issues, the most likely reason for the issue would be the surname right? It took that idiot 2 weeks to check the system only to have me ask him if we took away the ', would the issue be solved?

The answer is yes, the issue was solved the moment I took away the '. Now how ridiculous is that? It took him 2 weeks to check and check only to have me give him a solution, what kinda tech support is he?!

Then we had another issue last friday, the person was registered in the system but could not log in. It took him 4 days to tell us that it's coz there's a space behind the person's id, 4 bloody days. And before we pushed and pushed him for a solution, he kept telling us that the person is not registered in the system. Fuck that asshole, I went into the system, my colleague went into the system, we checked and double-checked, the person was in the system alright, and that idiot have the cheek to tell us that the user is not in the system. Damn I hate working with idiots.

I gave him a tongue lashing, told him off and sent him a nasty mail with his boss copied in the mail. I can be patient and his incompetence is really getting overboard, a simple issue and it takes him ages to check. I hate it when he says he will check the system, check check check, I think he have absolutely no idea what he is checking.

Good thing his boss told us that he already knew about the problems we are having with the idiot, that we are not the only ones with issues and that he's gonna take action within the next few weeks.

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