Monday, February 05, 2007


2nd February 2007, Friday.. The day where Ah Dear and I became husband and wife ^^/

It's a day filled with pleasant surprises : )

The reception at the Ritz was just perfect, I expected nothing less from the hotel and they delivered everything I wanted them to, it was just perfect and well worth the money.

There were slight hiccups but nothing to get upset over, I just thought that the ceremony was a little too short, and before I knew it, I have the ring on my finger : )

I really had a speech planned out, I thought it was a very good speech but my execution sux :p I admit that, I just could not stop crying.. I'm a crybaby..

A few people I have to thank..

Jun, my babe, who helped out with the organization! Thanks girl~~ What can I do without you?!

Zhen, Tian and Xianhe, the three pretty ladies, for helping out with all the other stuff.. :)

Mei and Xinjie, the two cutest girls, for being the receptionist as well as videographer

Marcus, Ah dear's man, for being our mc and dressing up so nicely :p

Edmund, my man, for serenading the guests and helping me in the planning stages.

Of course I need to thank everyone who were there that day, thank you for sharing out joy, you guys made it a special day.

After the "showroom" session of our suite, everyone went back and it was privacy time for Ah Dear and I. Though it was only a 2 hour ceremony, we totally worn out, our backs were hurting from all the standing.. I can't imagine what will happen next year.. I hate the heels!!

We lazed in the room for awhile before making our way down to the pool which was empty. We were just having loads of fun, splashing water, jumping in and out of the pool and the jacuzzi :p Hey we had the pool all to ourselves, of course we must make full use of it :p I think that's the reason why I fell sick, we were challenging each other, see who can stay longer in the cold jacuzzi pool :p and it was really cold.. We were happily jumping from the hot jacuzzi then the cold jacuzzi and then back tot he hot jacuzzi, I think I deserve to be sick *sniffles*

We were hungry when we got back to the room but room service was a tad too pricey so it's dabao over at Marina. We had a pleasant surprise when we were having our dinner, someone sent a bottle of champagne as well as strawberries to our room!! There was no names or anything, so we dunno who sent them, my guess would be Roger, coz he gave us champagne glasses and it's so like him to go all the way and give us champagne as well.

Talking about gifts, we actually got a roomdrop when we got to the room. No prize for guessing who gave that :p It was so like them, the perils of organizing Champion's Forum.. hee..

Their gifts are.. *ahem* very nice but.. *ahem* hahaha.. it's only for Ah Dear and my eyes :p All I can say is that their gift is... very sweet indeed..

We got flowers and wedding certificate holders from my dearest Ivan and Ah Dear's friend :p it's brought from the same place so it's exactly the same, down to the wrapper.. hee.. but we still like it alot :)

There's champagne glasses from Roger!! Nothing but the best from the boss and I just love them, they were exactly what I wanted..

The next morning, we had another anonymous gift, Brand's chicken stock and bird nest hamper!! Again, no names, so we have no idea who sent them :p

All in all, it was a great great weekend, with everyone blessings, we will definitely be very xinfu.

P.S. Pictures will be up soon, once we recover the data from the comp.. reformat the comp over the weekend and .. .. .. gotta get hubby to recover the data.. soon..

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