Friday, November 24, 2006

Wedding Blues

Nope, I'm not getting the jitters, the plan is still to get married in early 2007 and to "officially" get married on 2/2/2008. Remember that date people :p

The problem now is, our schedules are packed for next year. Initially we planned to get married on 2/2/2007, then I realized that I have a training scheduled on that date, damn.. I'm supposed to be in Hong Kong then. Soon after that week would be Chinese New Year, then I'll be flying off again for a conference and will be back in early March.

Guess what, Ah dear is having his reservist in March and he's flying off to Taiwan for 3 weeks!!

How the heck are we gonna find the time to get married??

We are starting to hunt for a flat and we plan to get it by Q107, now that means we have to register our marriage by the same time, but the thing is, when would we have the time?! I don't want to just settle for any date, ROM date should be meaningful. Damn damn damn.

Just when my friend gave me the perfect idea to hold the ROM ceremony.. damn.. I wanna register my marriage on a boat at sunset on 2/2/07!!!! Such a beautiful setting and guess what, I'll be in Hong Kong!! What perfect timing. Even if I'm not going to Hong Kong, I will be darn busy the week before and would not have time to prepare for my ROM. Can I say DAMN again? Damnit..


Am at home right now.. migraine is killing me, what's new?? I can't sleep, I can't rest, might as well blog and hopefully sleep will come after I stare at the screen for too long.

I'm really getting old.. I'm never so weak in my life, back when I was in school, I'm never so sick that I have to visit the doc, most times I just need to self medicate and I'm ok, but these days.. I'll fall sick or something every time I travel. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Dubai gave me rashes and I've yet completely recover.. It's time to go see a proper skin doctor, I look horrible right now and I'm itching like half of the time. I know scratching aggravates the rash, but it's really very itchy!! Most times I scratch without even knowing it and by the time I realise, it's too late :(

Eczema plus rash, it's really not a pretty sight. And parts are peeling like I have sunburn, which is supposed to be good coz it means my skin is recovering. yeah right, my skin is so dry now I feel like I aged 20 years.. old auntie already lah..

I just wanna recover..


nottoz said...

Yo Feng, have a good rest, take a long break from work. Many a times I feel the same way as you do, and I suspect we've not yet found the right job for ourselves.

Don't worry too much about your marriage plans, things will unfold naturally and smoothly when the time comes closer! :)

Jayce said...

thanks girl :) Decided to take it easy and not bother about the ROM anymore :p