Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Play with fire..

.. and be prepared to get burnt. This is gonna be mean, but it's true.. Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, deserves to die the way he did.

Of course it's sad news, but look at the way he handles animals, given that he loves them and such, wild animals will forever be wild animals, they don't care if you're famous or whatever not, they will attack if they feel threaten.

I never liked his shows, I found him too much of a show-off. The way he purposely puts himself in the way of danger, what's with that? Is it really surprising that he's dead right now? He should had been long dead if not for his amazing luck.

Sometimes I really wonder if he does love animals or did he do all the crazy things for ratings, you'll never know, it's showbiz we are talking about.

Nature is not a show, the stings and poison are not there for nothing. This time round his luck ran out and he got stung in his chest, definitely fatal.

Oh well, he's gone and that's more or less about it. Dying in nature's hands is probably the way he wants to go, so may God bless his soul.

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