Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blue vs Pink

I always liked pink, but sometimes blue takes my fancy too..

Being a pink ic holder, I'm surprised at how little privileges I have over blue ic holders. I'm born a Singaporean and I'll probably die as one, yet the government do not deem me as important as a blue ic holder. What are the perks of pink over blue? I can only think of one, you don't have to pay registration fees when you apply for national library membership. What are the perks of blue over pink? There's no need for NS. That's 20 bucks versus 2 years of a guy's life.

I heard an interview the other day in regards to this pink and blue issue. The blue ic holder was saying, why should he apply for citizenship when the perks of being a PR and a citizen are almost the same? Why not just hold on to another nationality and yet enjoy the perks of pink ic holders?

That's where our policy had gone wrong, when the government places more emphasis on foreigner and are doing nothing for Singaporeans. Our government goes all out to woo immigrants but they seem to have forgot all about us. We are your people, we are the ones that stays when the tough gets going, not the foreigners?? For goodness sake get your priorities right.

And stop pushing the blame to us, if we are really facing a population problem now, it's because of the stop-at-2 policy implemented back 20+ years back. Bringing in more foreigners now will not solve the issue of the aging population, it will only worsen it 20 years down the road. Please do not push your mistakes to us. We are not to blame, your policies are.

That's why I would rather have a dog than children, what kinda future would my children have? The PM seems to think that having children is as easy as 1-2-3, we just need to do it.. Hello.. there's so much things to consider when it comes to having children, it's not cheap to raise a kid. Of course, many would start going, back in those days, my mum can single-handedly bring up 10 kids. Yah, that's the thing, it's FUCKING "IN THOSE DAYS", we are not living in the 60s~70s, it's the god damn 21st century right now, we cannot live on love and fresh air alone. Let's not even talk about dole coz our dear government will never let that happen.

Tell me, what kinda future will my children have? It's not a simple question of having more children, it's a question of environment. Immigrant is not a solution and never will be one.

I shall just go rescue a few more doggies from the pound.

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