Monday, September 18, 2006

Long Weekend

Was on MC on Friday and more or less slept the whole day away :p Let's see.. I woke up at 1 to have lunch, then went back to sleep at 2. Woke up an hour later to send bf to work and then went back to sleep till around 6 ^^/ Yes, I can sleep a lot.

After the refreshing sleep, it's DVD marathon!! From 7pm all the way to 5am, pausing only to change location coz the dvd player gets too warm after a while and needs to cool down, so it's off to my pc to continue the show :p

I'm a sucker for all the Taiwanese idol dramas :p Though I know that all the things will never be true in real life, but it's nice to immerse myself in fantasy, where all the males leads are so damn cute! I have a thing for tall guys, my latest love is 188!! I like!! It used to be Ming Dao who's 183, now my eyes are solely on Zheng Yuan Chang!!! He's omg super-uber cute!! I just love the way he smirks!!!

So all weekend, from Friday night till Sunday evening, I was immersed in my show, barely pausing to eat and spending some time with ah dear.. Basically forcing him to watch the show with me :p

Next weekend, I shall throw away my prejudice and start with a Korean drama.. I hate Korean dramas, but that show have Rain!! So I shall give it a try :) If all else fails, I still have my Ming Dao :p

P.S. Dad just came back from China with about 15 sets of DVDs.. How can I resist??


test said...

How about the Korean?

Do you also hate them?

Jayce said...

I have nothing against the Koreans, I love Li Bing Xian for the matter. Just don't really fancy their dramas coz they tend to drag on for too long and it's always the same old sob story.

But there's always exceptions, so gonna try watching lang man man wu ^^/