Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Imposters at IMF!

I’m surprised I can’t find anything on it. It was such a big hoo-ha at the airport yesterday and it's still probably buzzing in the right circles. Haven heard about it?? Hey, it’s all about clearance :p

There’s imposters pretending to be IMF delegates and they even come with the official passes!! *amazing* But what’s puzzles me is the question “why?” Why would these people want to pretend to be delegates? To enjoy the well-known cuisine that Singapore will dish out? Or the police’s paranoid is something real? Is the threat real??

But if that reasoning is true? Then why can’t I find anything on it? Stale news? Shouldn’t they report it as it’s really good PR for the police force, the police managed to crack down these imposters the moment they step into our grounds, isn’t that something to be proud of??


Well business seems to be picking up, just a little. The area is not as deserted as yesterday but the crowd is still thin. I must say, Bakerzin is smart, they chose this time to renovate, best time to cut loss.

The one thing I'm pretty angry about the detour and extra ERP charges, I don't mind the extra time, but extra ERP charges jus coz I need to detour?? I have to go through ERP gantries twice just to get from orchard to suntec, how ridiculous is that?


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Burnz said...

Well... Cos singaporeans doesn't complain so they take it for granted that we are fine with it...