Friday, July 14, 2006

Waste of time

So I'm stuck for yesterday and today in a training about this new system. Wow.. this system is really something, it attempts to integrate everything on a global basis and is a one stop-shop for everything.. Interesting huh.

Yah, very.. that is until I went for the training and realize something.. First, the system can really do everything, there's so many things you can do with the system, and guess what, anyone with administrator rights can do anything to everything inside the system. Yah, let me repeat, any administrator can do anything to everything in the system. Oh, did I mention that there's no audit trail? So if I want to delete something that my most hated people do, I can easily do it, without anyone's knowledge. Well they can always do the same thing back to me too.. And now that's worrying.. providing them with access to everything.. *scared*

No audit trail.. what the heck are they thinking of?! Anyone can delete and modify my work without my knowledge. Also, any administrator can link their work with someone else's work, where's the control? The things I have on hand are all proprietary materials, I'm gonna just put them in a system that's free for all, that's ridiculous! People have to pay to access to my materials.

Now.. I have to go back to the silly training.. Waste of time, no cute guys, the only good thing is that they provide tea breaks and free lunch.


yj said...

haha, is the system designed inhouse or by some IT consultancy company?

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