Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zap.. Punch.. Staple..

I'm a assembly line worker all morning, printing notes, punching holes and stapling all the bits of rubbish together. I don't think my boss employed me to do all these shit, but then again, that's what I do like every single time they run a program, so yah, maybe she did employ me to do all these stuff.

I don't really mind doing all these stuff, hey, they're paying me good money for mindless work, I like that. Just that today is so.. office is virtually empty, everyone is either at the program or out for lunch whilst I'm here waiting for my printouts. *argh*

I'm in a crabby mood from a serious lack of sleep.. I need like.. 20 hours of sleep a day, 5 hours is like only a quarter of what I need. Damn.. I'm supposed to be able to go back early, but called in for another meeting that starts at 630. Oh well, at least it's gonna be held in a hotel and big boss said we can have dinner there if necessary. Good, I'm going to order the fucking most expensive dish on the menu, take it as compensation for missing my date with my bed.

Somehow I'm just bored in general today, things seems to go by so god-damn slowly today.

Why isn't the weekend here yet? I need my shopping trip with little sis..

Having a blogging drought these days.. oh well, there's really nothing much to blog about, I'm not going to make this a freaking journal of my daily life, that's boring.

And not much time to blog with the amount of work these days, I'm lucky to be able to leave on time. It's always like so when Q3 comes, more and more things to do.. I really can't wait for December, that's really the best time of the year where everyone is clearing their leave.

I need to clear my leave too.. Ah Dear, I'll apply for leave on the 21st ;p

Really very sleepy now.. Should I go somewhere and grab a quick nap? Going Pan Pac later to deliver the notes, how I wish I can just get a room and sleep the rest of the day away.. oh, add a massage from Ah Dear with that and it'll be perfect ><

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