Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fucked up service at Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

So I finally finished zapping all the stuff that my boss needed and hand-delivered it over to the beloved hotel, Pan Pacific.

For those that thought they Pan Pac was good.. you are so wrong. Pan Pac is cheap, Pan Pac is lousy.

Never had I been to a hotel with such awful service. I was carrying this whole box of paper, walking around the hotel and not ONE SINGLE STAFF offered to help me with my stuff. I'm petite, it's a heavy looking box, and not a single stuff offered to help. But that's not the point, the point I'm a guest but none of the staff offered to lend a hand.

And worse, no one greeted me, or even smiled at me. What kinda fucked-up service is this??

In every single hotel that I've been to, whenever a hotel staff walk pass you, may it be the bell boy or the chamber maid or whatever, they will always smile and greet me. They do that to everyone they see, whether they are a guest or not.

But Pan Pac? They just look and then turn away.. Talk about service.. They fail with a CAPITAL F!

I know Pan Pac is cheap, but this is ridiculous. In any other hotel, the staff will be falling over each other to come help me carry my stuff. In Pan Pac, they just look then walk away. Fucking lousy service, I have to talk to their manager about this.

We are a big client, they need our business. They better pacify me.


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