Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sunny Rain

It's a bright and sunny morning, but yet it's raining. Somehow I can't shake off the feeling that the weather matches my mood totally. Today really seems to be a good day, already arranged to meet my ex-colleagues for a nice lunch, bus and train came on the dot.. but I just feel kinda.. .. depressed?

I dunno why, I think it was the dream last night, but the problem is, I can't remember what that dream was about. All I know is that I woke up feeling very sad. Damn..

I really should be happy, boss is going away to S.America next week, finally out of our hair for a few days. CommuniAsia is on next week and I'm gonna get to see all the latest gadgets. So I really do not know why I have zero mood today.. gee..

Sunny rains are not good, it gives people the false sense of security, that it's a sunny day when in actual fact it's raining. And this is the kind of rain that makes people sick.

My feelings for rain had changed a lot since the days when I was back in school. Back then, I love it when it rains, especially heavy downpours. My primary school was sorta on lowlands so when it rains, our corridors will flood, then it's off goes our shoes and time to get wet. It's really fun coz we not only get to splash water around, we can catch fishes, worms and such :p

Then in sec and jc days, I love the rain too.. My friend and I would take slow walks in the rain, we don't bother about umbrellas, we enjoy the feeling of rain hitting on our faces.

Often, I would walk in the rain alone, just me and the rain, with my thoughts running free. There was even once where I took off my shoes and strolled barefoot from the train station to my place. It was liberating to see people running to the shelter while I slowly took my time to savor what the rain had to offer.

But these days.. rainy days kill my mood. Rain no longer have that magical feel, I worry about getting wet, I worry about rain getting into my belongings.. Rain had became troublesome.

Where's the carefree me I used to know? When had I become this dull person who worries about silly things?

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