Thursday, June 08, 2006

JB Trip?

Thinking of going to JB with Ah Dear for shopping this weekend :p I wanna go get my Levi's glasses and Radioactive stuff.. Though it's a malaysian brand (I think, I've only seen it in msia), I just love Radioactive! I wanna buy a small bag for lunchtime, then a bigger one for normal use, a short denim skirt, tons of tops and a dress!

And of course I wanna get my Levi's specs :) I really need a new pair of specs that I can wear on normal days, my eyes are too tired for contacts.. Oh, then I can also get some colored contacts and my normal monthly contacts. These stuff are way cheaper in JB.

Oh and there's the customary ***s to be brought :p hee.. just buy 10 pieces and they will deliver to your place, no hassles. Oh, I wanna catch a show there too, haven been to the malaysian cinema before.

Maybe can also get some more stickers for my dad's car :p Also buy shoes!! And.. what else leh?? My mani and pedi!! Also haircut!! Damn.. so many things that I want to do over in JB!!

But it's troublesome to go over to JB, I hate the customs, always super packed and hot. It takes like only less than half an hour to get from my place to JB, but it's always the customs that lengthens the trip.. from half an hour to one and a half hour.. I don't like..

Since it's the GSS now, shall I just stay put in sg?? Then I can go over to Tampines to get my Levi's.. I'm praying they have my size.. damn Levi's, why the heck do they stop making size 24?! Don't they know there are small size people around?! Why 25? We are not so fat!! argh!!! I wonder if I can buy 25 then alter it to fit me.. damn Levi's.

After that I can go down to Bras Brasah to get my Levi's/fossil watch and Levi's specs. In the afternoon can go over to Ko (Intercontinental) for lunch, then off to bugis village for some good hunts??

Hmm.. sounds like a good plan too.. and the best thing about being in sg is that I can take my dad's car out and I can throw all my stuff in the car.. hhmm.. how leh? JB or SG??

How how? JB is cheap with Radioactive.. SG has GSS and car.. arghh...

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b.muse said...

Heh I see ya dilemma. :p

But hor, if go JB then can still join us for dinner at Ivan's? :l