Thursday, June 08, 2006


That I have tons of work to do yet can stone out in front of the comp for most of the day..

It's so long since I've blogged.. Not that I don't want to, just too busy. The previous week was nasty, I have meetings everyday dragging on to way past 7pm.. Was so so so worn out everyday.. Wanted to rest during the weekend but god does not like me.. I actually kanna food poisoning..

It was not only bad.. it was hell.. My stomach was cramping like nobody's business and I was in so much pain that I started to hallucinate. I started to see things that weren't there and I have absolutely no idea how much time had went by..

Jason's mum must think that I'm a very sick girl.. I'm always not feeling well when I stay over at his place.. Talk about great timing.

This week had been a busy one too.. And one of my dear colleague had just left :( things are just so different without her around.. It's the first day she's not around and I miss her already!!

And with her departure, I'm one of the two left in the department that's a non-believer.. My MA is leaving at the end of the month.. so I will be the only one left.. the only one standing against the Christians and Catholics..

Nah.. not worried :p coz my colleagues are not like those super duper enthu Christians I've met back in sec school.. Remember all the ambush outside the school gates, the pretense of doing survey. And I can never forget the girl that wasted an hour of my time, while I was happily enjoying my mac!

I believe in a superior being, but I do not think that's necessarily God in the Christian sense. I do not believe for a moment that an omnipotent being will take interest in us mere mortals. I do not believe in asking for forgiveness and having my sins taken away. I do not believe that if I'm not a Christian, I am condemned to hell. I do not believe that taoist deities are all incarnations of the devil. I do not believe that food offered to taoist deities is any different from food that is not offered.

All the above are what those enthu Christians told me. I know not every Christian is like so, but I'm already scarred for life. If I don't like something, don't force me to like it.

I like Christianity, I enjoy the bible stories alot. I believe that all religions are good, all believes in the goodness of man and teaches us how to live to be good people. It's some people that's practicing the teachings the wrong way that's turning me off..

What is it about speaking in tongue?? It's freaking scary can? If even you yourself do not know what you are saying, how do you know if you are talking to God or the Devil?

The other day I was at Borders and flipping a book on Tantra.. No.. it's not about tantric sex :p (I blame it on Sex and the City) it's the philosophy.. It's really interesting.

The devil is actually god, look deeper inside the devil and you can find god. It's like a seed, the seed is not the tree but it will eventually become the tree..

Ok, I'm bad at remembering things and it sounds weird.. but.. shall google for the actual quote next time round.

For me, I believe in duality of things, if there is no evil, there can be no good. I believe that things always comes in two, the favorable side and the unfavorable side. It's cause and effect. For everything you do, there will be an effect on something else, we may not see the connection, but it's always there.

At the end of the day, I do not believe we are alone, I do not believe that there is God. I believe there's many wonderful and interesting entities out there, entities that are so different from us that even if they are right in front of us, we will not be able to recognize them.

I always believe in one thing. I believe that sleep is the most important thing that a person needs.. and I'm lacking enough of it..

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