Friday, May 12, 2006

Protecting our Reputation

haha.. whenever I read such reports, I feel like laughing..

Just the other day, I was listening to our beloved Capital 95.8 and the DJ was talking about President Chen of Taiwan. Yes, 95.8fm, it's not a station that I would listen to, but it's my dad who's driving..

It's funny to hear the DJ wondering, why don't President Chen sue all this commentors, people who calls him a clown... Why don't he try to protect his reputation?

I think it's only in Singapore where you will hear comments like this. We live in a country where people in power uses lawsuits to defend their reputations.

It's a joke, no wonder our judicial system is under view right now. Justice in Singapore? Huh? Oh, as long as that someone wins, I guess that's justice. As long as we stand on their side, we will be on the side of justice.

Is this right?

In Bangkok, when Thaksin tried to sue for his reputation, he lost, for the court holds that he's a public figure and the public have a right to criticise him.

In Singapore.. .. what criticism? With the great job that our government is doing? Why should we even dream of criticizing them? We should applaude them for the great job that they are doing, and let them win in the votes.

I like what my friend "said" recently, the Singapore school system is gonna undergo a revamp, students who scores 66% will get an A!! Yeah!! Just as long as you score 66 points in an exam, you would get an A! How great would that be!!

After the elections, all the masks comes off.. Whatever they promised during the elections, would they come true? But then again, come to think of it, did they promise anything during the elections? No, all they talk about were unimportant things, things that were of no real concern to us. In fact, the more they talked about it, the more I got turned off.

First World? haha.. isn't that the cheap 3-star hotel at Genting? Haven been there before, but it's really very cheap, and relatively clean :)



Anonymous said...

i mean no offence but try thinking what if someone sent an email to all ur colleagues/clients/bosses accusing u got promoted 'cos u slept wif ur boss? (or the boss is ur father). or what if the email also said u did some creative accountings and ate company money or accept bribes from tenders? mind that there is no proof at all. maybe u would not sue if u think it's not serious enough... but would u not at least do something? sure, u can clarify and deny... but that fellow repeat his accusations over and over again. sure, u can carry on denying and he can carry on sending those accusations. one dae, either ppl will get sick of that crazy man, or ppl will believe him. so, would u still not sue?

actually, when i was in jc 2, the top student who got A in one mid-term test, only scored 38/80. so if u consider some governments who did not even get 51% to form their own governement and need help from other parties to form a government, 66% is not bad already.


Jayce said...

None taken.

If someone spreads a malicious rumor about me? I would not bother, coz I know it's not true, the more I try to defend myself, the more guilty I would look. What is the truth will always be the truth, if my boss do not believe the truth that I speak of and chooses to listen to rumors, then there's really no point working for that boss.

But more importantly, there is a difference between me and the ruling party, I'm a nobody and they are public figures. They literally hold our lives in their hands, should they be subjected to public scrutiny? It's old, but look at NKF, look at how they sue people to silence them, what happened in the end?? The truth is, funds are mismanaged, patient numbers are overstated, directors are overpaid. Would all these truths be uncovered if no one said a word?

Public figures needs to be criticized, they need to be under public scrutiny. Power corrupts, no matter how much they tell you that they are corruption free, whatever, whatever, things may not always be so. Read Animal Farm.

66% is not bad, I don't deny that. But is that really a strong mandate? I would not use the word strong, it's misleading.

Anonymous said...

well... u have a point too... sometimes i wonder whether i'm too clouded...


Jayce said...

We are all clouded to a certain degree.. I used to be pro-pap.. till I've seen some of them in action. Not all the members are like so, but the behavior of some shocked me.

I realise most things are not what they seem.

That's why we need an independent media, a guard dog to help keep those in power in check.

Anonymous said...

perhaps humans are like that? started on the good/pure/white side. then see something bad or suffer some injustic, then realised how naive one has been. and so, turned on to the other side.

i agree with the need of a guard dog but i'm not sure an independent media is the answer as i'm not sure whether it would be effective and impartial. anyway, it's hard to have something completely independent. to a certain extent, it would have a certain agenda or some other hidden motive. i may be wrong... but that's my impression of media today.


Jayce said...

For me, I think it's more like a process of growing up. You start off with simplistic ideas of how the world works, but as you get older and understand more ideas and thoughts, you realise that the world is much more complex then you think it was.

You're right about the media, it's difficult, when you have pressure to deliver value to the shareholders. Taiwan news is crap, but then amongst all the rubbish news, there can be a gem.