Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's disgusting

WP's Gomez detained over Elections Department complaint

This is the reason why we should had never voted them back into power. It's disgusting to see the way our First World Government works.

When will we Singaporeans ever learn? No wonder Li Ao calls us 无知.



Anonymous said...

im very disturb that i cant get to sleep. i already halfway give up on this country. The $ mind of $ingaporeans will make kill singapore in the future. I spoke to jbj last and got his book and he say sinkies are too comfotable in their lifes right now to think of freedom and expression. As long as there is money and everything is ok, they happy with it. Thats why you see the arts/music community here has difficulty stepping forward.

The $ mindset is also the reason why a lot people get degrees, become doctor not because of interest. How many people we see working in jobs unrelated to their studies? From young we are brainwash to study and get degree cause we will earn a lot of money. we dun dare to speak up or do things we like. we dun feel proud being singaporean. even when we are in army unform we dun get the respect from people. Actually i feel digusted to be in one during my NS unlike the US or other countries. It will get worse if things dun change. fransis seiow, tang liang hong were banish because they dare to speak up and challage the govt ....... thru elections.

i really dun dare to tink 20 years down the road ...maybe 10 years this place will turn out. with china catching up with economically, $inkies may find themself sinking . yes thats how bad i feel about sg now and im planning to earn as much money and move oversea to aus or thailand. 2 to 3 k per month and our cpf is just enough to cover our flat when we reach 40 plus. by them how? will we be working in burger king cause we dun belong the higher pyramid . Only the rich will enjoy staying here.

My ducth friend told me he was disturb to see old man and woman working in food courts and fast food outlets, clearing the plates left over by teenagers. getting agetting arrest over a forms. im really disturb

Anonymous said...

Please spread around this. Contribute to the WP for their future election. $20 per year and it will go a long way