Sunday, May 21, 2006

Glue Sniffing

Just yesterday afternoon, we discovered some kids sniffing glue over at a playground near my place, we called the police and they kids were duly caught. But whatever happened to them later on, I have no idea.

These kids are idiots, glue sniffing?! What era are they in?? Glue sniffing was popular during my early teenage years, and that's like more than 10 years ago already.. *tsk* *tsk*

And these kids are really young, young as in 13~14 years old.. They are the typical Ah Lians, totally no dress sense, bad make-up and think that they owe the world. It's bad enough that they were in this huge group of around 10 people and making rukus whereever they go, they have to sniff glue at this playground which is damn open.

And the best thing of all, this guy who did not want to join in left, but before he left, he told the rest of the gang that he was leaving and he don't see what is so fun sniffing glue!? He was so loud that I could hear him clearly from my room.

Initially I was just suspecting that they were sniffing glue, come on, who does these days? They may seem suspicious but then.. He confirmed what Ah dear guessed, they were sniffing glue.

I'm glad the police came down in time to arrest them, the kids seriously needs help.

But the police were really pretty slow, they took almost 20 minutes to get down and we had to call twice before they arrived. And there's this ****ing police who answered the call the second time round and he actually asked us how can he assist us when we asked them to hurry down.

Huh?! wtf, we as a citizen are helping them by reporting a crime, they have the cheek to take their own sweet time down and then when we call to hurry them, they actually ask us what he can do to assist us?!

We are the ones that's assisting them, not the other way round.

Remember watching movies and seeing all the cops arriving after all the gunfights are over, it's true, it really happens that way.

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