Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some people are.. ..

I'm having a training going on this week, so not much time to blog :p Actually I have a lot of time, sitting there and letting the consultant lull me to sleep, it's just that I don't have the laptop with me so I could not blog :p also the hotel goes on wireless network and the old laptop do not have a wireless card.

Anyway the training was supposed to start at 8am and as usual, people are late.

At about 8.15am, this lady came in and once she put down her stuff, she started complaining about why the class is late in starting and how unprofessional the others are, having breakfast at the expense of the time of people like her.

This statement really showed what kinda person she is. It's ok for her to be late for 15 minutes, but it's not ok for the others to be late. The other participants arrived earlier but they went off for breakfast as people like the complaining lady came late. Instead of gong gong waiting for people like her to arrive, they took the chance to grab a quick bite. So is that so wrong?

I really don't like people like so, making themselves seem so righteous and yet they are the same people who commits the "crime", maybe to a smaller degree, but it's still the same thing.

Gosh, this reminds me of someone.. someone.. nah.. shall not talk about it.. sensitive.. time bomb.. .. nah :p

I really don't like people who are just so self-righteous, judging others and yet giving themselves tons of leeway. Just because someone else do not work the way you do, it does not mean that they are not professional, it just means that they work differently fro you.

Stop putting yourself on a pedestal and think that you are oh-so-good. You were late too!

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