Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First-Time Interviewer

This after, I have my very first taste as being an interviewer. Honestly not a very good experience.. coz my boss did her usual stint, she pulled me into the interview at the very last minute.

Argh.. I'm totally not prepared lor, she didn't tell me anything about the girl, or even what job function she will fulfil.

Initially I thought maybe I could just sit in and listen, but guess what, my boss expected me to ask questions and just pushed the first part of the interview to me.. *pengz*

I have no idea what to ask and it's been so long since I'm in an interview that I really dunno what to ask. What kinda questions do you ask to know if a person is tech-savvy? I really dunno leh, the only thing I can think of is asking her if she's a fast learner and what kinda programs does she know how to use.

If my boss had given me some time to prepare, I think I would be able to ask more constructive questions and not be so awkward. And at least I would know her background and the job scope that she will be doing.

In spite my silly questions, the girl is able to start talking on her own, which is really pretty good. I think most are fibbed, but then again, who doesn't lie during interviews. I think this girl might most probably be hired, which is good, at least she's young, not like that auntie.

Talking about
that auntie, thank god she quit. But she actually had the cheek to call me and ask me if I had submitted her timesheet. I did want to help her with that, but since she did not fulfil her contract, my boss refused to sign the timesheet, so there's nothing much I can do about it except to tell her to call her agent and maybe my boss. It's their business, I don't think I should be involved, and I can't be bothered.

Right now I'm only hoping that my boss will get lucky this time and employ someone that's better than that auntie.

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