Thursday, February 23, 2006

Work? ee..I dun like

Yes, I’m a lazy bum who does not like to work. Mentioned it time and again, working is just a means to an end, and the end is to have money to spend on the things I like.

Just being away for 3 days yielded 100 emails. Nice number right? But not nice when that’s the first thing you see when you switch on your comp. Once again it took me about half a morning to clear everything. On top of that there’s a impromptu meeting with my colleague and my boss. My colleague is fine, but my boss.. argh.. can vomit blood when I’m talking to her about technical stuff, no matter how many times we explain something to her, she can never seem to understand.

So what can’t she understand?? It’s normal security protocol that an id gets disabled when the password is entered incorrectly for more than 3 times, that’s the standard across the board for most companies, that’s a basic security protocol. And when we told her that, she was like, no, that’s a problem, we cannot have it like that. Ah duh! Then what? Allow users to try their passwords for millions of times and open up the system to hackers? Although we don’t have much important information on our website, there’s still staff data inside. There’s no way we can do away with the security thing, if that’s possible in the first place..

* faint *

I was on leave for the last 3 days, and days without work is just blissful. They should make it a four day work week, then we can have more time to rest, 2 days is just too short. The weekend always passes by too quickly.

I wanna stop working! I want to go do the things that I want to do, like bum around all day long.

Was emailing an old friend of mine, then he told me off.. His words:

Tsk tsk tsk u should be passionate about your work... Cuz it takes up 33% of your time...
.. .. ..
you have to learn to like your job :) then you can improve on it... I am always passionate about my job.. That's why I never feel like working but having fun..

I wish I can have his kinda passion. But I don’t. I don’t see the point of what I am doing, I don’t see the point of spending so much time and effort doing up something that no one bothers about. And it does not really help when you’re working with a boss that asks for the impossible half of the time. Oh well..

Was chatting with Jun that day and here’s our dream, I will open a manicure place, she will start a café, Tian to start a pet shop, Zhen to start a salon and XH.. we can’t come up with anything else right then.. hee.. anyway all of us will have our shops in one location, so we can just pop by and visit each other. We can come over my shop for mani, then go over Jun’s shop for tea, go Zhen’s shop to do our hair, then Tian’s shop to play with all the doggies! That’s our ideal tai tai life J See, we’ll be productive tai tais hor ^^

But that’s just a dream.. .. ..

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