Friday, February 24, 2006

The more I read, the more mysteries I find

That's what a friend told me the other day. He told me that he knew a lot about me through my blog but the more he reads, the more mystery he finds. hmm.. well that's probably coz my online persona is different from the real me. But then again I've never met this friend before, he's another of my forum buddy but never had the chance to meet up yet (coz he never go outing!!).

So why? My blog persona is different from my msn persona? I think that's probably it. Blog is free for all to see, people who I don't even know can drop by and peep into my little world, whereas msn is just a conversation between me and my friend, of course there's chat history and all, but I like to think that the conversation is between me and them.

There are things I say for all to see (now that sentence is weird..) and there are some things meant for one pair of eyes. Like private jokes.. Oo.. that reminds me, just heard this real story the other day.. really funny but dunno if it's real or not. So there's this guy that's doing his girl in the ass, then when he pulls out, he found this longish white thing stuck to his "head", initially he went "what the fuck!?" then later he realised it's tao ge (bean sprouts). So what's the moral of the story? Do not eat tao ge if you wanna get done in the ass.. lame.. haha.. sick joke..

I realise that there's a lot of sides to me, there's the colleagues-side, friends-side, normal-friends-side, good-friends-side, family-side, mei-side, ah-dear-side. I treat different people differently, and I treat the same people in different situation differently. I'm a typical gemini, I have lots of facades ><

Something about me and my mei. All along we've been close, since we share the room and our age gap is the closest. My mei and I are mobile phone xiao, we love phones!! She's a moto fan whilst I'm currently a Sharpy fan, until something better comes out that is :p

Yesterday I realise how alike we were. Both of us heard about the Tammy NYP thing and our reactions are almost the same. Most people will go, "wah, sex video, scandalous". But she went, "wah, the phone can take such a long video ar!" and I went, "wah, the quality not bad leh, what phone did they use?"

While most are thinking of how pretty the girl is and the act itself, we are focused on the phone ^^ that's what interests us.

The video is bah.. boring.. You can see much better stuff in porn videos, so STOP downloading and spreading these videos around! It's a private video for goodness sake, just leave her alone..

And think they used N70 to take the video.. good camera wor..

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