Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gold Software upgrades??

Today I received a shocking email!! It have nothing much to do with me but but but.. *still in shock*

Believe it or not, we're gonna have a software upgrade that will cost us 10M, yes, that's the amount of the And Pao Draw this Friday, 10 Million Dollars! And I don't even know if that is in Sing dollars or USD.. I do suspect the latter.

My gosh.. ..

Ok, just a little background. We have this system that current can allow 100 users to go in concurrently. We need to expand our capacity, so we asked the IT dept to give us a quote for expanding the capacity to 200 users. Thankfully, someone else will cover the hardware cost (extra server?) and we will have to pay for the software costs, which comes up to 10M!! What the ****!! 10M for a software upgrade? No wonder Bill Gates is so rich.

I still don't get it, 10M for a software upgrade leh.. huh? What is this software? Why is it so expensive?

And hor, if they can afford 10M to upgrade their system software, then why can't they budget more money to headcount and get more people into the department? I know I have a micro view, I only see what's in front of me, but these seniors with their marco view, how can we be sure that they know what they are doing?

Man.. I hope that I can strike the Ang Pao draw, just give me 2M and I'll throw the letter immediately, go buy a house, buy a dog, buy a theater system, and go .. .. .. Ah Dear will know what I wanna do p(^^)q

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