Friday, February 10, 2006

3rd Death Anniversary

This day 3 years back, our dog, Xiaoli 小丽 died. She died from some liver problem, a herditary problem gotten from her dad..

She was acting weird the day before, refusing to eat and just standing around. It's not normal for her to stand around, she's a lazy dog and she likes to laze around, but the day before, she was just standing around, refusing to move. And she had a lot of bowel movements. We were planning to bring her to the vet this day, but it was too late :,(

Looking back, she must had been in a lot of pain, for her to refuse to move and take her favourite food.

She died right in the living room, right outside my room. I was already on my way to school when it happened. When I saw the life go out of her eyes.. .. That's the first time I've seen someone close to me die. It was disbelief at first, I refused to believe that our dog who was so young and so healthy a week before could just die without warning.

But seeing her lifeless eyes, her motionless body.. ..

There's no way to run away from the truth.

What is gone can never come back.

My mei rushed back from school that day. My dajie took leave from work. I cut class. We had to be with her.

I remembered even my dad cried that day.

Some people might find it strange that we get so upset over the death of a pet, more so than over the death of a relative. But the thing is, 小丽 was more than a pet, she was family

I miss 小丽.. .. .. ><

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