Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What do things happen all at the same time?

Is year end and the start of the year the time to have problems?I really think so coz everything seems to be happening at around this time of the year.. first my mei, then my friend, and now friend's friend.. what else? Or should I ask, who else? What the heck is happening here? And since a week ago, so many things had happened, within a short span of a week, so many things had happened.

My mei is .. .. well.. .. nursing a broken heart right now.. All of us are pretty worried about her, coz she's not eating properly and stuff like that, but I'm giving her space, I believe she CAN and WILL move on. And if she doesn't, I'll bring her to Bangkok for retail therapy. Or Manila!

My friend.. that guy.. I really dunno what he's thinking. But then again, if I knew.. .. He had a great gf but he cheated on her with someone. That stupid guy! I try very hard not to judge him, coz I know people make mistakes.. We are not saints, we will make mistakes, that's what's makes us humans. He made a decision recently to break up with his gf and be with the other girl. In a way it's good for his gf coz she is at the age to settle down but he's not ready to, it's not fair for her to keep waiting for him.

But then, he is not breaking up with her coz of the other girl. He told me he's breaking up with her coz he don't see a future with her.. and that he's relieved that he don't have to keep calling her, meeting her.. that he still likes her alot but things are not right now.. maybe in the future.. DAMN.. that's exactly what Darren said. It's almost the exact same words.. damn it! Why do I keep meeting guys that are so similiar? First it's Vincent and Melvin, now is Darren and my friend. Do people born in the same year share the same characteristics? Vincent and Melvin even share the same birthday. Darren and this friend of mine are born in 78.

Vincent and Melvin both had a gf which they broke up with in their 4th year together, both cannot get over that gf. Gee.. Darren and this friend are both flirts, both are good with the ladies even though they may not be the highest scoring in the looks department. Gosh, same year equals to same character?? What about my brother then?

Back to my friend and his poor gf, I told him not to tell her that maybe in the future they can be together and so and so.. even though I think he really feels that way, I don't think that's the right thing for him to say to her. He have no right to give her any hope, he have no rights to leave a backdoor for himself. She deserves better than a false hope. A false hope which I had held on to for the longest time.

Both he and Darren meant what they say, but that's not the right thing to say, it just makes us think that there hope and waste our time on something that is very likely not to happen. What knows what can happen in the future? Why bind someone to a promise? Let them go, set them free.. do not tie us down.

I'm sad that this is happening, coz I can feel that his gf loves him a lot, enough to forgive him the first time he went astray.. In many ways I think we are similar, that's why I can talk well with my friend ba. Maybe all women are silly when it comes to love.. We forget that there's more important things, like living our own lives. We are so wrapped up with another person that we forget that we are our own person. It's sad, but true. We give our all and this is what we get. What for? Why? Live for yourself.

Then my friend's friend.. that STUPID girl who got herself pregnant and then kept it a secret for 9 months and is now a baby!? What the fuck is going on? Now my friend is damn worried and upset about this incident. What the heck is she going to do? Keep the baby? She's only 18 with nothing, not even an O level cert (coz she just finished her exams). What can she do? Salesgirl? I'm being mean here, I think she will be better off as a KTV girl, at least can earn more money for the kid.

I feel like just hitting the girl, why is she so god-damn stupid!!?!? Don't give me the crap that she did not know she was pregnant.. hello... one missed period with an active sexual life should be enough to set alarms bells ringing. Then the morning sickness and tender breasts and things like that, doesn't that ring the bells even louder? After the second missed period, and third.. Are they stupid or are they stupid?

So she knew she was pregnant, then she had to make the decision to keep or not keep the child. If she wanted to abort the child, she have many safe ways to do so. Money should not be a problem, parents should also not be a problem as I had mentioned in my last post. So why did she not go for the abortion?

If she wanted to keep the child, she should had also spoken out and came clean with it. According to the Women's Charter, no one have the rights, except for the women, to determine if she should keep the child or not. No one should or can coerce the woman to go for an abortion. If she really wanted to keep the child, she should had let it come to light so that the baby can have proper care whilst inside her. 9 months pregnant and you can't tell physically? The baby would most probably have some problems. That's what happened to one of my relatives, who had a child, then binded her tummy so that other people would not find out. When she could finally marry the guy and have the child, the child had problems. She could not move much and had brain damage, in the end she died before her twenties. That's what happens when you don't take care of your baby when it's inside you.

Damn it! I'm so angry!!


Anonymous said...

Please get rid of the bears! They are running amok and blocking your wonderful entries.. And they are irritating, if i may say so

Jayce said...

But I like the bears.. gives it a lovey dovey feel mah..

Reduced the number of them floating about, I hope that helps.. I plan to take them down only after V day.. So please bear with them.

And thank you for telling me how irritating they are, I dun really read my own blog, so I didn't know.