Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First Day in Manila!!

Mabohay!! I'm happily in my hotel room right now.. what a vast difference from the previous trip, I'm so so much more relaxed this time round and I had the time to go shopping!! hee..

Ok, the day did not start off too well.. got calls after calls from my boss. But everything is under control now, no problem, I know how to handle my boss.. hee..

It was a rainy day, been raining almost non-stop back in sg, I think that's why the plane was so freaking cold and it's pretty shaky coz of the turbulence.
It's so cold that ice was forming on the windows.. But I think that's pretty normal.. Still very amazing to see ice forming on the window. I'm not going to wear my heels when I go back, I need my shoes and socks to keep my feet warm :p

It was my first time sitting by the window for a long long time, it's fun to watch the plane lift off and see everything get smaller and smaller, then the other way round when it's landing.. And I thought it was fun when the plane went through the rain clouds, I could not see anything at all. And amazingly (ok, I know I very sk), the plane dried up within seconds it came out of the rain cloud. It was totally dry, not a drop of water left. I think it's coz of the speed the plane is moving and the cold cold air.

I slept darn late last nite, stayed in the office till darn late for the past week, went back at 12 plus, then stayed up till almost 3 to set up all the stuff.. Woke up at 6 today and that's why I look like a zombie.. was so so tired leh..

Our plane was delayed by 15 minutes coz there was 2 passengers who checked in their luggage but did not board the plane. So they had to take the time to remove their luggage. We arrived in Manila at about 5 plus and it was pretty dark already. By 6, it was almost totally dark already, so weird..

The Peninsula Manila provides 2 way transport to and forth the hotel.. We reached the hotel in about half an hour coz of the slight jam.
My room is a normal room, it's not really big, but it seems pretty comfortable..
And as usual the toilet is great! If there's one thing I like about hotels, it's the toilets!! They have the most wonderful toilets that are super big and very well design :) Plus it's always well stocked with all the things that I need.. I love the toilets, if only there was something soft in it, I will definitely sleep in the toilet.. hee

Signing off from Makati, Manila!

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