Monday, January 09, 2006

5 more hours before flight

Just 5 more hours and I will be flying off to Manila.. Back in the office now trying to get things done and yet I feel so lost, I dunno where and what should I start with.

My luggage is packed, most of the things that needs to be done are done already, I guess the next thing I need to do is make calls and send out reminder emails.

Been staying in the office till wee hours for the last 2 days, lucky Ah Dear is around else I'll probably freak out. My office can be darn quiet and freaky at night when no one is around. But with Ah Dear around, he keeps me entertained and puts his arms around me whenever he can see that I'm tired. Thank you so much Dear, thank you for burning the weekend with me in the office and helping me out with all the file transfers, punching holes and stapling. Most of all, thank you for just being by my side *hugz*

I lost my temper at Ah Dear on sat, coz my email died on me and he was trying to fix it. I know, I'm damn ungrateful, but I was so tired already and damn frustrated that my email chose this time to die on me. I vented my anger on poor Ah Dear.. I felt so bad a little later :( I'm sorry Ah Dear.

Things just have a way of happening all together. Just when you thought that everything can be done up nicely, something else crops up.. argh.. I just hope everything will go well in Manila.

Sometimes I hate my boss, coz she likes to do things with last minute notice. Then when we change things according to her request, she changes her mind again, and again and again. It's damn frustrating to work for her. Can't she understand that some things just cannot be done? And some things can only be done when there's advance notice, not last minute notice. *Frustrated*

After I've done everything, packed everything, she messaged me (she's in Shanghai at the moment) and asked me to leave with her tomorrow instead of today. But what's the point? She will only be back in Singapore at 5am tomorrow morning, then her flight to Manila leaves at 145pm in the afternoon. So what is she trying to achieve by asking me to fly with her?

I'm not interested in flying with her. I'm not interested to be at her beck and call. I'm not interested in hearing what she says. Maybe I'm not interested in this job at all. Yah, I just work here to earn a living, given a choice, this is not what I want to do. But when are we ever given a choice?

I dun care, I'm leaving later. I've already checked in and choose my window seat. I'm not going to change my air ticket at the last moment. Besides, I have things to settle in Manila, my things are all in Manila already.. haiz.. really can't stand her at times.
Ah Dear I will miss you so so much when I'm in Manila!! Already xiang ni a lot already.. I wish you can be here right now with me :(

Will call you once I get to Manila! Will skype you every night!

Will keep thinking of you!!


Burnz said...

dear ... i'm missing u lots too... hate all these terrible feelings. Feeling weird not with u... taking dinner without u by my side.

Jayce said...

*hugz* u miss me or my mummy's cooking??

Wo heng xiang ni dear