Thursday, December 01, 2005

What I like about Singapore Politics

I was surprised at the number of hits.. over 500 coz of that comrades thingy posted by someone in Tomorrow. Thank you for bothering to come take a look at that super long post. The comrades part is not really the whole point of my post, but it's ok since people will always choose what they like to read.

Back to my topic today.. What I like about Singapore Politics.. Yes, though I think that Singapore politics is almost non-existent, there are still certain parts I like about it.

First, I love the car our ministers gets to sit in or drive about. Especially the one our president rode in, it's so damn nice lor.. I like!! I also want to ride in something like that!! I love cars!! I love love love cars and bikes. I love anything that can go fast and look stylo.. haha, I'm materialistic mah. I like to admit that. And just the other day, I dropped my phone coz of a Bentley *heart pain* but given a choice to choose between my phone or a bentley.. I'll choose the latter anytime :p hee.

Other than our dear president, I love the Mercs that the rest of the ministers drive about (of course not Chan, he's the down to earth type). I always liked Mercs, it's just so classy and so comfy to fall asleep in :p I used to fall asleep every morning in my dad's car.. those were the days.. It's a good call for the government to decide to get Mercs as our official mode of transport. There are other brands too, but I think Mercs is the most common..

Talking about cars, I think it's funny (yes, I'm easily amused like my mei) that the tall minister, Teo Chee Hian (? I think.. ex minister of education), likes to drive the car. So there was once he came over to our school for our opening ceremony and when the prefects went up to welcome him, they welcomed his bodyguard instead, coz Teo was driving and his bodyguard was in the passenger seat :p It was a funny mistake then :p But I like Teo, he was the MP for my estate eons ago.

Second, I really like our PM Lee :) not the old one, the young one.. and no no no.. not Lee Hsien Long, not him. Of course, it's not that he's not good.. but the one that I really like is his incredibly cute bodyguard :p haha. Trust me to notice that he have a cute bodyguard right? :Þ I have a keen eye for cute guys, in fact, me and Xuan are experts at spotting cute guys and pretty girls :) That's a skill we honed in Dunman days :)

I just love the news when PM Lee is on tv, at most times, I can catch a glimpse of that cute bodyguard. He's seriously good-looking, plus he's our PM's bodyguard, so I bet he works out in the gym pretty often. In fact you can just tell from the way his shirt fits him *swoonz* I love guys with board shoulders. And he have this tan look, very nice.. I'm blabbering am I? Oh yah, he looks great in shades too. Yes I notice everything.

His good looks plus his occupation just makes this guy damn appealing. They should hire more of such bodyguards, then I'll definitely turn up at every function that the minister goes. That reminds me, have to go to Lee's rally when election comes ;)

Third, I'm a girl, so I'm still going to talk about man. I like Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. I think he's a good minister, doing well in his duties, and most importantly, daring to speak out. Plus, he's pretty good-looking, he's charming, he speaks well, he's Darren's old neighbour and an ACS boy. I really think that Dr Vivian is good and he will definitely go far.

Fourth, not man this time round, I like to talk about guys :) I was the official Boy-Crazy girl back in Dunman, I had a reputation which I didn't know I have :p So who's the looker this time round? Not the ministers or MPs, they are a tab too old to be called guys liao.. Then who? It's their sons of course :) I'm talking about Mah Bow Tan's elder son.

His elder son is those seriously good looking kind. His mum is a caucasian, so he enjoys the good looks of a eurasian. Really very cute, I had the chance to meet him once and I was .. .. .. I didn't drool or so anything stupid ok. On top of being good looking, he's very charming, a perfect gentleman. Oh I love his smile, it's really very charming. But too bad he was attached then, to this really rich guy's daughter.. Men Dang Hu Dui wor.. But I dunno if they are still together.. I'm evil :p

Mah's younger son is ok, but not as good looking and charming as his brother, my mum concurs hor. Plus he's too young for me liao, I prefer to like someone more "reachable" haha.. I'm dreaming at 11 am in the morning :p

Ok, I guess that's pretty much the things I like about Singapore politics, as can be seen, I don't like the political mechanism, I don't like the policies, what I like are the people and the cars :p


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