Friday, September 02, 2005

I love the car our President rides in

Yeah, it's so darn nice..

Ok, I had been quite harsh on our president, saying that he never contributed much, only show face for his President Star Charity.. but a guy who rides in such a nice car, must be a good person lah, else how to ride in the damn nice car??

It's a limo of dunno what brand.. cant really see, but the backside reminds me of Mercs.. but then it might be a Bentley too?? stretch limo that's sparkling white.. what must a man do to ride in such a car?? suck up to the government?? hmm.. good idea.. suck up to the PM?? hmm.. even better idea.. but guy on guy.. kinda gay hor.. isn't oral sex illegal if it doesn lead to "normal" sexual intercourse?? hmm.. haha.. i think too much liao..

But the car is really darn nice, maybe 30 years down the road, I should try to run for presidency too, then can get a chance to ride in that hunk of a car.. wow.. I can imagine myself cuddling up with some cutie inside the limo already.. haha.. dun blame me, blame Michael J Fox, there's one show where he made out with his boss's wife(?) in the limo mah.. I was young when I watched it, and you know how images imprints themselves on young minds.. ooo.. hot.. hahah...

It was the Presidential Inaugration ceremony yesterday.. So happened to switch onto channel 5 and saw the start of the ceremony where the President came in his limo.. that's where I saw the lovely lovely limo.. ooo.. imagine cuddling up to a cutie, then being escort by all the tp on bikes and their wrx.. talk about a power trip..

Didnt bother to watch on coz Superstar on channel U was so much more interesting.. Weilian won!! but honestly he didn't perform well last nite, not up to standard unlike Kelly. To me, he won coz he had more mai4dian3, Kelly is cute, but alot of other girls are cute too, it's hard for her to stand out in the music industry.. she's not a ravishing beauty.. lacks the oomph that superstars like Sammi Cheng, Ah Mei has.. But Weilian is different, he's visually impared, and that's his greatest selling point, it's not everyday we have a visually impared pop idol..

I digress.. Anyway heard abit of the speech our PM made this morning on CNA.. there he was trying to defend the criterias set down to filter out unwanted presidential candidates.. The rationale is coz the President does not belong to any political parties, thus they had not went thru the stringent test of his leading abilities of a political party/big company.. Also he needs the experience and expertise to run and safeguard our reserves..

You know, that's really true.. I would not want a corrupted bookie to become our president, he'll probably wager all our reserves on the next world cup.. then accept bribes to cover the money he had "swallowed" ..but PM is missing the point.. he seem to have forgotten that Andrew Kuan was from the PAP and he's not like some small fry like a nobody in a party.. doing nothing but paperwork.. Andrew Kuan was a Treasurer for 5 terms wor..

So he's stabbing himself in the back.. Andrew Kuan was rejected by the PEC.. for not having the financial expertise.. so means PAP have lower standards?? jus like JTC, damn it I wanna work there, they do pay quite well according to my kor.. and even if they dun, I can slack all I like and they'll still keep me around for 2 years.. after i get all the bonus and stuff, then go on to find another company like that.. good huh..

All said, I still like his car.. I wanna ride in a shiny big car too!!!

*scribbles in diary.. must run for Presidency in 30 year's time*



Karina said...

Today, the technology has greatly moved on - and it has been shown to save lives in the worst case scenarios. President George W Bush's limo is thought to be the most advanced ever. Limo security works on three basic principles:
• Protection at point of attack
• Ability to evade and escape
• Counter-measures
Models openly advertised as having "presidential standard" security come fitted with armor around the battery, radiator, engine block and systems to automatically seal the fuel tank to prevent explosions. Another measure appearing in the top-of-the-range models is night vision systems. The Presidential limousine is sometimes taken to overseas stops where secure transportation is needed. Sometimes, the president uses transportation that is already in the country.
I am sure not so many limo hire companies are able to suggest such cars.

Unknown said...

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