Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Dream Date

Please take the title literally.. I have a dream and inside the dream I have the most wonderful date.. Ok, it's not technically a date coz it's not just the two of us, but then it's with my dream guy :p hee..

I actually dreamt of 周杰倫 again!! so so so happy!! It was a really lovely date till my sis's alarm woke me up, darn it :p I tried going back to sleep but the dream did not continue :( so sad leh.. I want my 周杰倫!! I want my 杰倫!!

The setting was at my old house back in Pasir Ris, so we were in my parent's room talking.. It's not just the two of us (it's NOT an erotic dream oki.. I very innocent one), there was another group of people inside the room with us. I remembered we talked alot, like we were very old friends and can talk about anything under the sky. I remembered it was real fun to talk to him and we had great laughs. Plus he's so incredibly cute.. *swoonz*

Then we went out for a walk of sorts, just out in the open, walking to some destination.. And then my mei's alarm rang and jolted me awake.. damn it!!

My Jay Jay Jay.. so so so nice to dream about him. I want more of such dreams!! This is not the first time I dreamt of him.. hee.. Just feel so xin fu dreaming of him.. hee.. my old idol-chasing feelings are coming back :Þ I also wanna dream of Takeshi Kaneshiro!!! He's in town!!

Going to watch him in Perhaps Love with 2 hot dates ;) Definitely will have a great time on friday!! Before that, can I dream of 周杰倫 again tonight?? *prays hard*

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