Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm a sucker for shiny stuff

When I saw this.. I almost wanted to give up my Sharp!! It's so so so so nice!! I love it!! It's crystals plus leather, one of my fav combi right after leather, fur and crystals :p hee

v3 crystal covers
Look at them, just look at them.. I'm so tempted to go buy a V3 just so I can use the covers.. It's so pretty!! I love the white leather one!! It have blue crystals on it!!

It's leather encrusted with swarovski crystals, comes with a leather strap and you can even personalized it by having your name on the back of the cover!! argh!!

But all these comes at a cost US$240, not cheap wor..

*heng* *impluse to buy V3 waned* *pats my Sharpy* *Sharp is still the best*

But it's still so darn pretty.. if only they do it for my Sharp.. Oh yah, but they do make it for ipod, ipod-lovers, please go ahead and adorn your ipod with this lovely leather cover :)

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