Monday, December 19, 2005

A date with my 2 best buds from Starhub

Starhub days.. I bet most pple around my age had worked in Starhub someway or another. I did back in 2000, and I gotta know a real fun bunch of colleagues and we frag-ed our days away :p those were the days of Quake and CS mah :p

But as all of us moved on, some to uni, some to poly, we drifted and went on with our lives. Some of us kept in touch and we're still in touch today, and those two are Yingzhi and Jason :) and these are the two people that I met up and went out with last friday :)

Ah Dear came over to my office to pick me up and we went down together to Yingzhi's workplace to pick her up.. she's so poor thing, her office is in a 鸟不生蛋 place hidden in Loyang *pat* *pat* That area is terrible, having work there once, I understand.

We went to Bark's Cafe, which is this cosy little place near to Changi Prison :p Actually it's just next to the Changi Museum. It's a very nice place to chill in the east, but you must have a car to get there, else it's super ulu.

I took a few pictures but then my PC is down, my monitor died on me and it's under service right now, so I have a workable CPU but no screen.. Oh well..

The food was not that good, I remembered it was much better the last time I went there, but then that was eons ago.. I guess they changed the chef.

It was a very good dinner, despite the food, as I had two great company :) Yingzhi updated a bit on her life, though we had to probe very hard to get it out of her, that girl is too shy for her own good lah.. And girl, anyone that treats their pet well cannot be that bad a person, if can then go for it liao oki!!

Then we joked about stuff, especially Ah Dear :p hee.. I'll always stand by my friend, don't expect support from me Ah Dear.. hee.. So poor Ah Dear was the butt of our jokes for the night :p But I'm sure he would not mind. It's always fun when the three of us are together :) But a one-on-one date with Yingzhi is also fun too!! I missed shopping for the whole day with her!!

I'm kinda slow today.. guess it's monday.. I have a lot of things to say but my fingers are just not able to type them out.. maybe it's holiday mood, coz I'll be on leave next week.. or it's the blues coz my boss is coming back on thurs.. :(


b.muse said...

So when do I get to date u then? ;)

Jayce said...

The last week of december? I'm on leave!! for the whole week!! ^^/