Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hit and Run

That Chinese uncle of SF* xxxx *, that driver of that Black Opel, if the motorist died, it'll be forever on your books that you hit someone, you drove away and the person died.

Yesterday after a great date with Xianhe and Jun, Ah Dear and I were happily driving back home, using TPE/SLE. It was almost 130am, so there were not many cars on the road and traffic was very smooth.

Right after we entered SLE from TPE, we filtered into the centre lane and was slowly filtering into the right lane. Just then, Ah Dear told me he saw sparks behind us and someone buang!! I tried to look into the rear mirror but I was blocked by this black car. Soon the black car overtook us on the left and Ah Dear started to honk the car. I didn't know why he did that, but the driver sped away after we honked him through the Yishun exit.

Ah Dear was so livid coz it was the black car which caused the bike to buang. Without any signals, the black car swerved from the right most lane to the 3 lane, and the bike flipped after that. Ah Dear can't see if there was any contact between the car and the bike, but it's quite obvious that the car caused the bike to flip.

And the worse thing was, the bike flipped, it did not slide, it flipped and so did the rider. It's one thing to fall and slide, it's another to flip, that causes way more damage coz you risk breaking your neck.

**And according to the IO, the guy is still in critical condition.

We had to go straight as we were on the expressway, but we made a turn over at Upper Thomas and then turned back to again at Yio Chu Kang. When we got back to the scene around 5 minutes later, there were many bikers around helping direct the traffic and the police was already there.

I'm amazed at how fast the police got there, I think someone behind us saw what happened and called the police immediately. The ambulance arrived shortly, around 10 minutes after the accident happened. *thumbs up* for the efficiency of the home affair team!!

Ah Dear gave a short statement, telling the police exactly what happened and we gave them the car plate number and the description of the driver.

I was freaking out at that time, it was really very scary. Plus the guy was unconsious, lying on the road with his helmet and bike flung all over the place. It was really very bad.

For the asshole driving the black Opel, SF* xxxx *, the police already know who the guy is, but they would not let us know if they had arrested him as they are still investigating the case. To me, no matter what, that asshole is at fault, he swerved without signalling and caused the biker to fall. It does not matter if the car had hit the biker or not, the biker fell cause of him and it's fact that we saw.

Plus, he ran from the scene of crime!! Regardless if it's his fault or not, he should not had left the scene. Leaving only proves his guilt. Plus, the least he could do is to make a call and check if the person is ok. Even if you hit a dog on the road, the least you could do is stop and see what happened.

And there are witness, me and Ah Dear clearly saw his license plate, there's no way he could had ran. Plus we honked him several times, and all he did was sped away! That fucking bastard!! Hit and run, I hope he get prison term.


Anonymous said...

Wah...lucky you guys were there. At least there are witnesses who can give the police information to catch the stinking bastard.

Salute to the home team!

Jayce said...

yepz, I must remind Ah Dear to call the IO to check on the progress of the investigation. I hope he's caught already.

Heng-Cheong said...

Singapore's expressways do have video cameras all over, but not sure whether the cameras do recording or not.

Johnny Malkavian said...

Wny mask the licence plate number? Put it up for all to see and shame him lar. And for those of us who prefer vigilante justice, there's always the option of helping the owner with some custom mods...

juz_A_ga| said...

please reveal the car plate number. My bf rides a bike and it would be extremely useful if we knew who to look out for.
many a time we've had to swerve because of drivers who think that because we're small, they can squeeze in. we're thankful for the occasional few who seem to understand bikers. perhaps they were one too, in the past and were fortunate enough to upgrade.

esdee said...

Er ... this type of thing I think you must make police report leh. Must tell the police who was the arse who did the hit and run.

Jayce said...

esdee:: We made a statement with the IO and then made another separate police report.

Johnny/jus a gal:: I don't want to reveal the car plate number as investigations are still ongoing. I don't want to compromise the investigation in any way as I want that bastard in jail. Maybe I watched too much CSI, but I think the integrity of the investigation is very important so that the lawyer cannot find any single loophole to save this bastard.

zhi yang said...

good luck in finding this guy out.

.::: .: :.:. :.: ... ::: :. .::. .: :. ::. said...

hope uncle recovers.

Anonymous said...

God Damn him to the driver. I'm sorry I used a vulgarity but i'm a rider myself. And thank you so very much for exposing this and helping the police. May God bless you both. :) We really do need more awareness wrt traffic safety for motorcyclists and everybody.

Terrence Pang

nemesis said...

Hi all, revealing his number here may be detrimental to apprehending the driver and bringing him to justice because it is considered an obstruction to legal proceedings. The defending lawyer may use the exposure of the offender's car plate licence number "on the Internet" as mitigation against bona fide witnesses.

Anonymous said...

That driver should not have driven off like that. Regardless of whether he is at fault, he needs to stop and help the biker.

I salute you for stepping forward as a witness. Not many people in Singapore want to step forward as a witness because it can be troublesome. We need more people like you.

I was just wondering by your statement "Without any signals, the black car swerved from the right most lane to the 3 lane, and the bike flipped after that.". So, I presume that your Ah Dear saw exactly the happening from the rear view mirror. Or did he merely see "sparks" in the rear view mirror?

Anonymous said...

i guess he must have been drink and drive to sped away.

Burnz said...

Yar. I did saw the whole incident. Cos that car was with those Xeon lights. I looked backed, thou.. it was just that 3-4 seconds but it was enough to catch the whole scene.

But as the IO have said, looking at the rear mirror can't justify that there's contact with the bike