Monday, November 28, 2005


Yesterday I woke up feeling like coffee.. I have this strange craving for coffee recently, probably coz it's Christmas round the corner and coffee places are coming up with peppermint coffee!! My fav kinda coffee!! :) I love anything with peppermint in it :)

Anyway I woke up at 12 plus (It's a SUNDAY!! No way I'm gonna wake up before noon :p) and had lunch which my mum cooked.. and then Ah Dear asked me if I wanna go Coffe Beans for breakfast coz they serve it till 3pm on sunday..

Eh, without telling him that I'm craving for coffee, he asked me out to Coffee Beans :p mind reading??

So we proceeded off to Sun Plaza with my dad's car and had a super late breakfast at 2pm :p I had my Eggs Ben as usual, with the new peppermint mocha, which was so wonderfully good :) I love it.. And it comes with this little candy cane :) It's much better than the one over at Starbucks.

After the late breakfast, I was thinking of going over to Sembawang Park for a walk and to check out the restaurant there. Before I could voice that out, Ah Dear asked if I wanted to go Sembawang Park for a walk!!

Again? The second time in a roll!! It's uncanny how he can read my mind, and how alike our thinking are..

So happily we went off to Sembawang Park for our little walk and just time alone :)

It's really uncanny, 2 times in a day where both of us had the same idea to go somewhere without consulting each other.. The second one might be a coincidence since we were in Sembawang and there's pretty much no where else to go but Sembawang Park. But how to explain my coffee bean craving and his breakfast idea at 12 noon??

The more time two people spend together, the nearer their thinking and habits become?

I still think it's uncanny, like he's reading my mind..
sembawang park 2
At Sembawang Park :) Couple tees wor, Xiaomei brought it for us in Bangkok ^^/

egg ben
Yummy brekkie over at Coffee Beans.. very nice.. very good.. and best of all, they serve it till 3pm on Sundays!!


nottoz said...

Wow cool and steady! Maybe that's called telepathy, and slowly both of you will grow to look more like each other. :)

Orrh Sembawang Park is a nice place, can see Johor and deserted in its own style. Didn't know your house is near there!

Jayce said...

Girl, I'm staying at woodlands mah, it's pretty near my place, next time can bring fluffy there :) Used to bring Ah Fei there, but now dun have van so can't bring her out there to swim.. *poor ah fei*