Friday, November 25, 2005

Can't you tell I'm in Love??

With my Jay!! of course.. Look at our names.. Jayce and Jay.. What do you think.. hahaha.. Been listening to his album non-stop for the week during work.. it's just so good.. And with his songs, it's not enough just to listen to them, you must must look at his lyrics and appreciate what 杰倫 or 方文山 wrote..

My current fav song have to be 夜曲, it's just so good.. to the point that I can "see" the whole scene, can't remember how the MV looks like though.. My two fav phrase "跟夜風一樣的聲音 心碎的很好聽" "對妳心跳的感應 還是如此溫熱親近"

Have anyone ever experienced a heartbreak, where in the middle of the night, when memories float up in front of you, where you relive the times that you had, and ponder on what could had been.. Then you can feel your heart aching, and if you listen hard enough, you can hear your heart breaking.

Times when the person is not by your side anymore but you can feel him next to you, you can still feel his warmth, you can still feel his heartbeat. Everything is like what it had always been.. Things had not changed and he's back by your side.. Until you realise that things will always remain the changed, and you have been imagining all the warmth.

Those heartbreaks.. disillusions.. desperation.. yearnings.. and then you realise no matter how much you do, no matter what you do, what's lost is lost. Once a person turns his back on you, he will never turn back. Even if he does, things will never be the same again.. never..

I am quite affected by this song, coz it reminded of the times where I felt the same.. The feeling of lost, in both meanings of the word..

Enjoy.. Listen with your heart, not your ears..


一群嗜血的螞蟻 被腐肉所吸引
我面無表情 看孤獨的風景
失去妳 愛恨開始分明
失去妳 還有什麼事好關心

我終於被提醒 廣場上餵食的是秃鹰
我用漂亮的押韻 形容被掠奪一空的愛情

啊 烏雲開始遮蔽 夜色不乾淨
公園裡 葬禮的回音 在漫天飛行
送妳的 白色玫瑰 在純黑的環境凋零
烏鴉在樹枝上詭異的很安靜 靜靜聽
我黑色的大衣 想溫暖妳 日漸冰冷的回憶
走過的 走過的 生命

啊 四周瀰漫霧氣 我在空曠的墓地

為妳彈奏蕭邦的夜曲 紀念我死去的愛情
跟夜風一樣的聲音 心碎的很好聽
手在鍵盤敲很輕 我給的思念很小心

為妳彈奏蕭邦的夜曲 紀念我死去的愛情
而我為妳隱姓埋名 在月光下彈琴
對妳心跳的感應 還是如此溫熱親近

那些斷翅的蜻蜓 散落在這森林
而我的眼睛 沒有絲毫同情
失去妳 淚水混濁不清
失去妳 我連笑容都有陰影
風在長滿青苔的屋頂 嘲笑我的傷心
像一口沒有水的枯井 我用淒美的字型

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