Saturday, November 19, 2005


Monsters who go around stamping people, putting them down and telling how bad they are and such.

I wonder what kinda perverted pleasure they derive out of such hateful remarks? And it really makes me wonder what kinda person is behind the computer screen.. I'm not talking about myself.. I'm small and miserable, who bothers about me? And even if there are trolls stomping at my blog, I would continue my stand and say I'm flattered, I mean all the time and effort.. so sweet of them..

Daphne's blog had closed down.. It sure does not seem like her to do so though.. It sure looks like a hack. What I'm surprised is the remarks that trolls had left in her final post.. Are they stupid or are they stupid, she already mentioned that she will not read the comments and still they post hate remarks, telling her that she's not good, she's this and that.

That's just the best way to show thay you actually secretly love the person and read her every single day. Coz if you hate that person that much, would you take the time and bother to check her blog everyday? No, coz you will have better things to do.

The trolls around.. it's just weird and I don't get it.

I had left bad remarks before, attacking people, but that's why I know them personally and they did things which I felt, hurt me, that's why I went ahead and attacked them.

Haiz.. the things people with too much time on their hands do. Really have to go, where is the love? If you don't like it, you can choose not to view it, why resort to attacking? Why do you have to force someone to go away? Does that make the miserable life if yours feel better?


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