Monday, October 17, 2005

My Future

I was never a think-ahead person, planning things a week in advance is like *wow* for me already. I don't like to think too much, the future is too uncertain to plan too much.

But that's the reason why there's need for planning, as some would argue. The future being unpredictable is exactly the reason why we should plan ahead and save up. That's the right thing to do, but I still don't like to plan ahead and save.

Life is too short to plan for this and that, to me living is for the moment, as long as you are happy this very moment, life is good. You never know if you are going to live till the next moment, so why plan and save for it, enjoy whatever you have now and tomorrow will have its own way of solving tomorrow's problems.

It's the life experiences (limited but still counts) I've been through, I really learnt that life can just take a 360 degree turn and *poof* plans all down the drain.

I dunno, maybe I'm just too lazy to plan. I'm abit better these days but I still hate to plan. Have to plan for that damn conference now and it's killing me. I can't imagine having to plan for my wedding next time.. will sure stress till I die.. anyone to help?? Xuan²? Jun²? hee..

Talking so much about not planning, I realise there's a change in me recently.. Yes, I've start planning out my future, not in terms of my worklife, I can't really be bothered with that. Work is work, work is not life. I'm planning my future with Jason.

The things we talked about are things I would never discuss with anyone else. I can't believe that we actually talked till children already. Maybe that's coz we visited Vincent's baby the other day? Hmm.. maybe.. but still.

We talked about when we're getting married, names of our children.. For once, it's not scary but kinda sweet to talk about all these stuff. I hate children, absolutely detest them, but somehow the idea of my own children seems appealing to me right now. Maybe it's coz I'm getting older already. Maybe it's coz it's the right person? :p

We also talked about how to bring the child to the world, natural or c-section. For me, I think natural is better. Wellz, cos it's natural mah. But then Ah Dear was saying if the baby is like him when he was born, I might have some problems given my size. True also. And either way, there's gonna be surgery and sewing involved, it's just a matter of where it is.

But I think we think too much liao.. Wedding is probably 2 years down the road, when I'm 26 :) and when Ah Dear gets his degree.

Oo.. but did I mention we went to a show flat last last weekend :p hee. Me and Ah Dear were in the Tanjong Rhu area, going about, doing nothing when we saw this showflat sign. So we happily went in and view the showroom over at Waterfront. It's was soo soo soo nice. We spent over an hour, talking with the sales and pretending that we're interested in getting the place.. hee.. we are interested, but at a price tag of $1m, nah, I rather go for landed property in hougang or yio chu kang.

Still the place was really nice. I love the pools, all the landscaping and things like that. Then the flat that we viewed had a great view of the sea, as well as the expressway and the future golf course. The house was pretty nice, and I just love the bath tub. It's not those normal kind where you have to climb in, it's a step in tub!! so nice, just like a pool, you can walk right into the tub.

Then right next to the tub is a glass wall, which faces the windows of room, so while bathing, you can get a very good seaview, just like when you stay in the better rooms in Rasa Sentosa. It's super duper nice!!

The pricing is pretty reasonable for a house in that district, and I'm sure prices will go up with the upcoming IR projects. But still, $1m, I have 10 bucks to spare, not a million.

Other than this showflat, we actually asking around for houses in Hougang, near his parents' place.

Yes, I'm planning my future with my Ah Dear right now :)


b.muse said...

The two are u are such a sweeeet couple! Haha~ no worries, mi volunteer 2b ya wedding planner, n Xuan will definitely gladly be my partner as much as she can! =)

Hope u have a better day today.. take care ya.. :)

Jayce said...

Hee.. thank you girl :p with you around, I wouldn't have any worries :p

Anonymous said...

i want to be jiemei! :P :P

Jayce said...

tian of course, all of you girls must be jiemei!! but hor, i'm wondering where can we fit ivan in.. hee :p

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