Monday, October 17, 2005

Meetings again

How I complaint about how much I hate meetings? Hmm.. yah, I did, many MANY times..

Stupid stupid meetings, all talk and no work done. Just had a meeting from 230 to 630.. wtf?! I'm totally drained right now and there's always so much things to follow up right after a meeting.

Minutes is one thing, I hate doing up the minutes, it means that you gotta listen to every darn thing everyone says and not fall asleep with your eyes open.

Then all the talking and talking and talking. Wellz, the boss is complaining that we're doing things too slowly, wellz, if we're not having that meeting, we can get things going cant we? And he goes he's worried that we will not get things done by the time of the conference, then next time bloody hell give us more time to plan, not 6 weeks to plan out a conference, and not with a tiny budget. Bah!

It's a bad monday, even my bright red shirt cannot shield me from all the bad aura.. First I got giddy on the train, all the way till mid morning when I finally felt better. Now after the meeting, it's headache plus giddiness.. I think I'm going to die.

Oh yah, it's already 7 plus now.. and I still need to stay to wait for a call. Yes, I'm so going to die.

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