Thursday, October 13, 2005

Meetings / Hero / Bangkok Conference

I don't like meetings, to me meetings are mainly a waste of time. A group of people sit together, talk talk talk talk talk and nothing gets done. Worse, in a meeting, a group of people talks about a lot of things that they want to do and end up the poor little subordinate ends up doing everyone's share. And the poor little subordinate happens to be me and my two other colleagues..

Hate it when bosses talk so much about doing this and that then in the end the little ka gians get the dirty work. But what to do, they are the boss mah, do lor.. And sometimes they do have a lot of work to do, so do lor. As long as I don't have to stay on till too late I'm pretty fine with it.

Have I complained about the stupid booth?? wellz now there are more changes to the booth, instead of two walls, we now have 3 walls to decorate?! so last minute!! and the booths are like HUGE, what the heck are we gonna put in it? And who exactly is going to take a look at them? The number of people who will actually be free to visit the booth can be like counted with my fingers alone. So much effort for that few people, is it worth it? That's not for me to decide but my bosses to.
Having another concall later. I don't like concalls, they are the same as meetings, mainly a waste of time and effort. But what to do, have to talk to them and see how they feel about the things that I had sourced out for them. On paper it's group effort, in actual fact I'm doing most of the work. But what to do, small fry is like that one mah..
This afternoon kanna fly kite by my colleagues, almost had to go lunch with that Indian colleague that none of us really like.. Not being racist here, just that she gets on our nerves alot and we don't like her work style. On top of that, she's lazy.

But heng my ah dear is around to rescue me as usual. He was over at Funan to get some things done, so once he got my complain call, he rushed down to meet me for lunch.

Ah Dear, have I ever told you you're my hero??

Hee.. heng got Ah dear to the rescue, I can't imagine what lunch is like with that colleague.. *shudders* I hope I can avoid lunch with her tomorrow.. *pray* *pray*
Oh yah, I'll be flying to Bangkok on the 7th, early early flight. Have to go there early to prepare the gifts for the room drops and other stuff. I hope we will have time to go shop abit on the 7th, coz from the 8th onwards it will be busy busy busy till the 12th.

Let's see my schedule..

7th reach around noon, then it's gonna be check-in to the hotel. Maybe unpack abit before helping out with the room drops. Also help out my other colleagues on the logistics and things like that.

8th morning will continue to help out with room drops. Big boss will arrive around mid-afternoon, so have to entertain them and stuff like that. Help out with the check-ins as majority of the participants are arriving on the 8th afternoon. Have to make sure their rooms are nicely done up to give them a feel of being pampered. Later in the evening we'll be having a Hawaiian nite poolside party.

9th morning is the actual start of the conference. Have to start preparing for the booths, decorate the booth and get all the props ready. There will be 3 talks in the afternoon by the big big bosses, which will be taken care by me, so I expect to be all over the place that day. Then there will be a cultural dinner on that nite.

10th will be the day where we will be outdoors playing games.. haiz.. we're not uni freshies already, still need to play all those silly games.. damn sianz.. Yes, I'm anti-social.. no, make that ANTI-SOCIAL, all in CAPS.

11th and 12th will also be busy busy for me. As there will be 4 training workshops, that I'm in charge of.. So I'll have to coordinate the classes with the trainers and make sure everything goes on smoothly. On the 11th nite would be a cruise dinner and on the 12th night, there will be an awards nite.

So everyday the program starts officially at 730 and ends at 10pm. That's the official timing, we probably have to be up and running by 630 to make sure everything is running smoothly and after the program ends, there will be meetings and such, probably get to get back to the rooms at 11 plus.

I have a feeling when I return on the 13th morning, I can tell everyone that I've been to Thailand and I did not go shopping or eat at the roadside stalls or have a massage or visit a temple or everything else people do in thailand. Yes, I have a feeling it will be that sad.

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