Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Unveiling of Ocean Ou Deyang

When I first saw this poster, I was like.. Ou Deyang is in a concert? How the heck is he gonna sing? Are they gonna just play his music video and let it be, or let him sing backstage? If so, wouldn't it be like cheating money, it's not live singing by the singer that everyone will be paying for..

So I went to the Sistic webby and found this.. ..

Ocean Ou Deyang: His mysterious, secretive appearance would be unveiled! This concert would mark his first ever public appearance in Singapore, which reveals some of the mystery surrounding his identity ever since his entry in the entertainment scene.

His first ever appearance in Singapore wor.. now that's exciting.. Finally we can know exactly 1) how ugly he looks like that he have to hide behind a comic character. 2) how rich he is that his parents refuse to let me show his face in public. 3) how normal he looks that no matter what the stylist does he still looks like any Tom, Dick and Harry 4) how I cant think any other theories but I'm sure everyone else can think of tons more.

Unveiling of a mystery, that's such a good selling point. I just hope that his fans really love him for his voice and not how he looks.

And Sistic needs to employ a proof-reader, I'm bad with my grammer, but look at the paragraph I quoted.. It's such a glaring mistake.. My guess is that it's a direct translation from a Chinese text. *tsk* *tsk*

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