Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm sick and tired

haiz.. I really am literally.. haven been feeling great lately, always very tired and fall sick pretty often.. I already took like 5 days of MC from work.. and I've been working here for like 4 months plus only :p

Tired.. wellz I'm always tired.. I can never get enough rest.. I'm a Koala, I need 20 hours of sleep daily, anything less than that is bad for me.. but have to work to feed myself, so wat to do??

Been down with flu for like n times for the past few months.. keep getting it, recover, then kanna again.. think coz not enough rest and never really fully recover from it..

Then now I have a toothache.. not specifically one tooth but the whole right side of the jaw... *pain* probably wisdom tooth growing out.. hate this stupid wisdom tooth thing, it serves no purpose at all, it's more susceptible to decay, so why does the body still makes it grow?? Must evolve and stop all these unwanted, un-needed things from growing..

Also had cramps for the past few days.. on and off.. yeah.. some sort like PMS.. I never had PMS and bad cramps last time.. of course I still do get them, but I can easily ren.. coz they're never really severe.. but these days it's getting hard.. I better take more bai feng wan..

Yesterday was bad, triple combo.. all I could do was lie on the bed and take painkillers.. it was damn damn bad.. haiz..

This post is boring siah.. *sniff* *sniff* but coming from a sick and tired person, understandable ba..

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