Thursday, September 01, 2005

It was a Good Day :)

DSC00884Guess where I am??

Should be quite obvious rite? yeah!! I was over at Botanic Gardens the other day.. and it was so fun :) It's been nearly 2 years since I've last been to Botanic Gardens, nothing much had changed though alot of areas were under renovation(?) and landscaping..

Didnt really plan to go over, but we were out early that day and the weather was so good.. it was sunny, yet there was this nice cold breeze.. on a wimp, we decide to go Botanic Gardens to walk walk..

DSC00879only thing was we didnt bring out dearie's digicam.. but heng I have my phone with me.. that's why i want my Sharp!!! i want a 3g phone with a great camera!! 3.2mp camera leh.. then still got another 1.3mp camera.. i want!! off topic..

We reached the place at around 10am, weather was really very good that day, it would had been such a waste if we had stayed indoors..

It was really fun, we were walking all over the place, taking pictures and getting bitten by mozzies.. there's really really alot of mozzies there.. and i have proof!! but shall talk about that later..

First must talk about my encounters with the froggy...

DSC00881right at the entrance of the place, there's this big stone froggy :p being boliao.. i happily posed next to the statue.. but that's not gonna be my last enounter with froggies for the day..

DSC00905wellz it's really no big deal with seeing frogs over at Botanic Gardens.. but it is for me, coz I dun like frogs, they're creepy and slimy.. the only time i like them is when they're tabpoles..

See the cute little frog in the middle of the picture on the right?? wellz.. that's my second encounter with froggies.. what's so special about it.. wellz, this particular froggy almost became squashed froggie.. it must sucked at playing Frogger.. dun even know how to look left then right before crossing the road.. oh yah, frogger was the first computer game I ever played wor..

Anyway back to this particular froggie, if not for Jason's sharp eyes, I would had stepped on it and dirty my sketchers :p heng heng *wipes sweat* lucky dearie pulled me back at the last moment and froggy's life was spared..

After this frightening incident, must get some water to drink to ya1jin1 mah.. at this time, we passed by a waterfall and *horrors*.. .. look at what he is doing?!?

drinking directly from the waterfall?!? so uncivilized.. *tsk tsk* and hor.. what is that he's holding in his hands?!? Snapple?? haha

anyway must be more civilized like me, really..
see, i use a cup to get water.. so much more civilized.. haha..

After the refreshing drink.. we went about to look see some more..
that's the place where they hold mini concerts on some weekends.. hee.. actually suddenly forgot what's it's called..
there's alot of big big kois.. then Dearie said those were mandarin ducks.. yuan yang xi shui wor.. so romantic rite?? hee..
I like this purple flower that grows by the water, so nice :)
And you can see this plant all over the place, think it's part of the ginger family.. so saw all kinds of it over at the ginger garden.. and i never knew it, bananas are actually part of the ginger family!!! eee...
This is actually a fake stream.. if u look carefully on the bottom left hand corner, that's where the water comes out from.. I dun think we have so many natural springs in Singapore, so it's a fake stream... but still manage to look pretty good :P

There were quite a number of interesting trees and such.. saw this tree with a darn funny name, it's called Monkey Pot Tree..
and the fruits really look like pots.. and it even comes with a cover?! The fruits are the round round things, didnt managed to take a better pic
Nature is really darn amazing rite??

Then we walk somemore and managed to get to the swan lake.. but most parts are under renovation too.. also passed by the orchid place, not the one that you have to pay to get in, but the one where it's part of the garden.. no need to pay :p though there's only like one or two kind of orchids..
Saw two swans and a ducky.. really very cute.. read from the signs that they are muted swans.. and very funny, dearie can imitate their calls and they actually responded.. so fun :)

I remembered there were black swans there last time, took vid of them.. where had they gone to??

Before we got to the swan lake.. we were kinda tired so found this little ting zhi and went over to sit there.. big BIG MISTAKE though..
Mozzies attack!! the moment we sat down, we took this pic, and I didnt realise until I uploaded the pic that there's a mozzie on my face?!?! look at my right cheek.. and I was there for less than 2 min!!! After killing a mozzie that was on my arm.. (i hit it, it fell off my arms and landed on the chair.. then I proceed to take out some tissue, and squashed it.. I hate mozzies.. I will kill all mozzies on sight) we decided it was time to run.. There was this middle age couple sitting at the ting zhi reading papers when we got there.. it's amazing how they can still sit there and read *amazed*
If you do go to Botanic Garden and see a ting zhi with this view.. please please avoid the place unless you have an uncontrollable urge to get dengue fever.. The mozzie I killed was an Andes Mosquito.. not kidding here..

The park kindly provided dog poo poo bags, so anyone who brings their doggy there, please remember to use it and keep the park a clean place oki..
Talking about doggies.. we saw alot alot of dogs, big ones like almost up to my chest level.. to tiny little doggies.. Also saw my fav corgi!!! so kawaii!!!

After spending about 2 hours plus over at Botanic Gardens.. It's time to leave, and we more or less finished walking the whole place :p
But after we got out of Botanic Gardens.. we were.. .. .. .. lost.. .. ..

Found ourselves in the middle of nowhere.. all roads.. dunno where we were.. until we saw the British embassy and gleneagles.. walk walk walk over to the busstop.. boy we did alot of walking that day..

Proceed down to Lido to catch.. ..
march of the emperor
It's a super super nice show.. though abit slow in the middle.. the scenes are jus breath-taking.. and the will power of the penguins.. I'm really amazed.. I was so touched by the end of the show.. It's a must watch!!!

foodie2Then we went over to the supermarket and got us some lunch.. That's the bento I got from the sushi counter.. It was really very nice.. there's pickled veggie and sliced egg under the shrimps.. yummy, together with the sushi rice, it's worth the 10 bucks.. and it may look small, it's really very filling, I couldn't finish at all..

I love the supermarket over at Lido.. it's those Japanese supermarket which is not too big, well organized, have everything, and have all sorts of interesting stuff from Japan.. I dun like all those hypermarts like Giant, Carrefore.. I dun like the way things are organized, too messy, and it's way too big.. when u need to get something, u have to walk and walk.. Also the things they sell are really not very exciting..

The worse is the sushi counter, it may be better now, but there was once a few years back when I went to the Carrefore over at Suntec.. was at the sushi counter, looking at the offerings (pathetic) and there were flies.. not one or two, but alot of flies all over the salmon sashimi.. yucks.. there's no way I'm gonna touch the sushi from there.. ever.. besides, such lousy standards..

On our way to the train station to go over dearie's place.. we saw this.. ..
My cutie!!!

It was a good day :)


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