Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have bad grammer

Always knew it.. I have bad grammer, and super lousy control of tenses.. I can go from past tense to present tense to future perfect then back to past, all in the same essay.. It took me great efforts to keep my tenses in check, and after failing my essay for the .. .. err.. .. I lost count already.. number of times..

After I started blogging, I realise how bad my grammer is.. I can never seem to decide if I want to write in first person or third person.. and I realise it takes me darn load of effort not to end with .. .. all my dots.. I'm just so used to having them, the sentence just dun seem rite without them.. hee.. see.. the dots keep coming and coming..

This dots thingy is really something I have to try to correct, coz I realise I started dotting my sentences in my work email!! *tsk tsk* now that's bad, coz I have to sound professional in my emails, and dots makes me sound like a kid.. lucky there's the spellcheck function.

It's funny to blog nowadays, funny as in weird kinda funny. Coz I dunno who and what am I blogging for these days. On some days I just write for the sake of writing, coz I like to type. On other days I blog to let people know of what I've seen and what I think. Then on some other days, I blog to organise my thoughts. Maybe that's why my grammer is so bad, I can't decide whom am I writing all these posts for. One moment is for other people, another it is for myself. Or maybe it's just coz I'm too darn lazy to proof-read and edit my post.

I used to type in Words, then do spell check and all, now I just type type type and post, sometimes without even pressing the preview button. Just too lazy to double check my work. But I did proof read this post *winkz* ;Þ

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