Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hugo Boss Model?! I love men in suits :p

Ohh... saw this super good-looking angmo when I was waiting for the lift.. *it's a great morning*

He's tall, maybe about 1.9m tall.. Blonde hair, blue eyes, very fair skin, very sharp features.. *swoons* and the best thing, he's in suit!! argh!! I can't help it, I have a thing for men in business wear, they just look so darn good.

This guy have very broad shoulders, so he looked great in his suit, then a standard white-based shirt and a reddish tie.. perfect.. He looks like those Hugo Boss model.. so nice!! Ah dear, I want you to wear like that on our .. .. .. hee :p

Ooo.. his eyes, it's those very very pale blue.. gosh..

I can't really keep looking at him directly, so I looked at his reflection in the life doors.. thank goodness for having lifts with reflective doors!! He's so good looking.. I'm so happy I took my time to get to work today.. hee..

I can't stop gushing.. haha.. feel like JC days now, going gaga over unattainable guys..

But I have to say again, he's darn good looking.. I was so tempted to steal a photo for him but that would had been too obvious..

Conclusion, I'm a sucker for tall guys, with piercing eyes, soft hair and defined chin.. And must must must have broad shoulders.

He went to the 29th floor, I wonder what company is that.. *stalk him??* *haha* *nah*

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