Monday, August 29, 2005

When shit happens, it hits the fans

let's write this post in shit brown...

argh.. i hate hate hate mondays... always so much shit to clear.. argh..

ok, i'm supposed to do my work right now but I need to get these out before I can go back working..

First is that stupid review thing that I had been doing for ages.. ok, I admit I was procrastinating but then it's damn boring to read through tons of materials and reviewing them.. Also all the subject matter experts takes darn long to get back to me, some dun even bother to get back to me, what can I do??

Of course, there are a few who are darn helpful, going out of their way to help me :) really really thankful to them.. as for the rest.. I have no comments

Second is some quarterly newsletter thing.. wellz, if it's a quarterly thing, shouldn they ask for materials like ages ago so that they can prepare it in advance?? no.. jus shoot an email on sat and tell everyone that it needs to be out by 7th of Sept. Which is still ok.. But the problem is my boss is leaving for Shanghai tmr, so she wants to see it by today?!

Hello.. it's a newsletter lor.. for everyone in the region, not something that can crap crap and fuck care lor.. how am I gonna cough up a decent newsletter in less than a few hours??

Then it's the mess that my fucked-up colleague left behind.. really pissed with her. First she didnt bother to inform the rest of the region that she's leaving, then she didn't bother to follow through with the matters that she was handling.. And couldn even cc me in the mails, at least then I would had known what was happening.. instead she jus left and leaves all the shit to me.

Thank you lor.. I hope she can cross the road and get hit by a Malaysian truck.. why Malaysian truck?? coz I dun wan any car to hit her and get damaged, it's expensive to fix a car oki.. and it'll be such a waste and pity for the car. Truck coz they're big and heavy, so the inertia when it hits will probably kill her.. yeah!! last malaysian coz I wan her to get hit in Singapore and then let the driver go scott free.. how to do so, get someone from another country (nearest is malaysia) to hit her then run back to their own country and disappear..

God I hate mondays..

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