Monday, August 29, 2005

Appalling sight

As I mentioned before, I love guys in pants.. Also like guys in shirts.. basically office wear :p coz shirts are mostly very flattering, they tend to hide unwanted flabs and makes the wearer look slimmer.. and pants... oo.. nice.. haha

But this morning.. I was faced with a HORRIFYING sight.. first thing in the morning and I have to see such yucky stuff..

On my way to the office, I saw this guy walking in front of me.. kinda remind me of Winston though, not the HSBC one, but Darren's friend.. honestly, he's a mess, he looks like a mess and his life is a mess, but we shall not go into that today..

So this guy was walking in front of me, fine, I have nothing against that. What irk me was that he was wearing this super loose pair of pants and his shirt was not tucked in properly and was sticking out at the back!

EEEeeee... it's monday morning.. cant you wear abit more formally, abit more proper.. and the way he walks.. dragging his feet.. argh.. damn irritated..

I dun get it, loose pants.. we're not talkin about jeans here, that is still acceptable to me, coz it does look good on certain people.. but loose pants?! pants are supposed to be fitting, it's formal wear for goodness sake, not some hip hop street wear.

And the untucked shirt.. Comon, we're not school kids anymore, still haven learn to tuck in your shirt properly?

Spoil my nice morning.. my lovely morning of the tv working perfectly.. damn that asshole.. some idiot that works on the 33rd floor :p hope he gets stuck in the lift next time.

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