Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Things that makes me happy

There are days where I just feel down or things make me darn upset.. like today where that idiot-of-a-colleague dump all her work on me and expect me to finish a newsletter in less than 45 minutes!! duh!! if the deadline is so tight, she could had told me earlier and taught me what to do earlier, instead of waiting till the last minute and dumping everything on me.

Hello.. I have other things to handle lor.. plus today is the deadline for reimbursements, so I have to go to the other dept to hand in the forms and such. Plus it's her job, not mine lor, even though I'm taking over (she most prob got the sack, though we never talk about why she's leaving). When I asked her to help, she cant even be bothered lor.. that arse-hole!!

But this is not the first time I've met such lazy people lor!! last time in uni it was the same thing, all they knew is to talk and talk. make so much noise and do nothin at all!!

I hate working with such pple!!!

But good things happens.. and all of a sudden, all the dark clouds went away and the place looked so much brighter.. and coz that idiot went out for lunch.. Ha, kanna fire! Ha!

what do I mean by good things.. of course it have to do with my dearie.. who else can perk up my day like he does.. haven had such a romantic bf before, he's always doin all sorts of sweet stuff for me.. first is the lovely V day we had together, then the home-cooked lunches that he'll bring all the way down for me, the earrings that he had made.. and now.. I got this special special thing from him :) two things actually.. and it's my fav kinda stuff, which is furry :p check out his blog :)

So happy :) really feel very Xin Fu :)

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