Monday, August 15, 2005

Please dun catch or sue me..

coz I'm really very patriotic and pro-pap one.. really.. must believe me..

I know I ranted alot about the presidential election.. I dunno what came over me.. must be my other personality.. I'm a true-blue Gemini mah, sun sign and moon sign are both Gems :Þ so it's not me, it's the other me..

eee... scary.. please dun look at me that way.. please dun catch me, I'm jus a little girl *blink* *blink* really.. 24 only ma, so young leh..

please please please dun crush me with ur mighty pappy hands.. *shivers* I'm not a mrt pole.. *blurp*

see i'm patriotic, jus look at my nails.. red and white leh, with glitter somemore, like stars like that..

ndp dinner8
and my family is patriotic, my dad shook hand with a Minister leh..

ndp preview2
I even went to the NDP preview despite the rain hor..

ndp preview35
I was checked and the police thinks I'm ok. I got sticker as proof hor..

ndp preview5
I carry a Nokia leh, which is patriotic also coz the other half of the population carries one too

I even wear an open full leh.. so guai, listen to TP, must be safe.. and I wore my strap properly oki, used the double D ring as it should be used, but cant see here only.. really.. but strangely I cant see anything when I put the helmet on.. hmmm..

phone pouch
even though I have this pouch, I really really do care oki.. I dunno why i got the pouch, must be the other me at work again..

and last of all.. I'm really really just a simple girl who enjoys being with my dearie.. no political ambition.. really.. so dun catch or sue me oki


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