Monday, August 22, 2005

Singapore is a Small Small place

Seriously.. I never believed in the 6 degree thing.. but Singapore is really very small.. to the point it's abit scary..

How so? Jus stand over at Citilink one day and count the number of familiar faces you can see.. trust me, there's alot..

Also I found out something recently..

Some time back I've found Xindy's blog through my stats tracking.. so went to her blog and I kinda like her chinese entries.. so happily added her into my bloggies list :) I didnt really know how she found my blog, but then we have a common link, which was ~失。心。疯。子。~ .. so never really went to find out..

But yesterday whilst I was browsing through Friendster.. lookin at Vincent's pics.. and realise there's Xindy's pic inside?! looking through her Friendster account.. realise I saw her profile b4, coz she's in Shuzhen's frens list!?!

So the 6 degree thing is true.. kinda surreal.. she's on my blog list, she's in Shuzhen's friendster, she's in Vincent's friendster.. meaning that I kinda know her through her blog, she knows my ex-ex, and she also knows my ex's friend.. Also, she's from Xinmin, so she might know my dear² or at least his friend (aaron maybe?)

This really is a small small world.. *waves to Xindy*

p.s. Xindy, how do you get to know Vincent?? that I'm darn curious :p

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YanZ said...

Hey! *waves waves* haha... Xindy here ah! Yup yup I DO know Vincent! AND I DO know Aaron lor! (if he's the same one we're talking about) haha...

No wonder I find your boy boy "sek sek" haha...Xinmin one also huh... wah lau, like my hubbie says lah, Singapore is just a full stop!

Oh Anyway, it's Shuzhen who gimi ur blog addy hehe... She's my Sec skol mate :)