Sunday, August 21, 2005

Outing at Kallang Mac!!

Yeah!! our fav hangout during secondary school days coz it's the nearest fast food place near our school :p we used to go there after school to chill and to study during exam periods..

But out of everyone, me, Xuan and Jun had the most memories there... the three of us loves to hang out there and play with the jukebox :p our Aqua, Que Sera Sera and so much more.. used to spend more on the jukebox than on the food.. but it was fun, who cares.. those were the day :)

Then remember the time where we were having our study leave, sec 4 already mah.. we met up in school and left the school gates jus as assembly was about to start.. the perfect on duty were like stopping us, commanding us to go back for assembly.. then we looked at her, paused and told her we were sec 4 students.. then walked out.. damn shiok ok.. it's a was cheap thrill but a thrill nevertheless.. of course after walking out of school, we went to mac to bitch about it.. hee.. was so fun siah..

So last Sunday, we decided to go back and have breakfast.. me, Jun, Tian and Zhen plus Fluffy was there.. had a great time talking, catching up on stuff (like Tian's ROM :p) and jus talking about the great times we had over at Kallang mac..

The place had changed alot, the jukebox is no longer there, we had changed alot, but our friendship is always the same :) it's really great to jus have the girls, where we could talk about everything and not worry about whether our boyfriends are bored or not.. It's really good to jus have us girls :) Xuan!!! come back soon and we'll hang out at Kallang Mac for the whole day oki!!

Forgot to take pictures.. darn it..

parkway paradeAfter Mac, me and Jun went down to Parkway Parade.. wah, really like the old days where we went over at Parkway Parade after school..

I missed Dunman, really missed it alot.. and the times that we had, tryin to decide to go to Parkway or Orchard or Bugis after school.. it was really fun.. one of the best times of my life..

Anyway Parkway had changed so much.. haven been there for ages.. think the last time I went there was to have Mee Siam with Darren back when we were in uni.. and that's like ages ago.. I dun think the foodcourt is there anymore.. totally different..

but some things never change, BK is still at the corner of Parkway, jus where I remembered it was when i was young.. only thing is that the ball playground place is gone.. oh wellz..

Only the bottom floor was interesting, coz some of the shops that I remembered was still there, the spectacles shop and the jewellery shops.. the rest of the floors are like any other shopping malls, filled with the same shops.. boring really..

I used to love Parkway when I was young and we go there like almost every weekend.. coz they have this gigantic playground on the 7th floor.. have to go through the carpark to get to it and there was all sorts of things to play there.. all sorts of slides and swings and other fun fun fun things.. but too bad they close it down after awhile.. I have no idea why but i was so sad.. :(


panpac lift2
One of the perks working in my job, u get to visit alot of hotels :) here's me in the glass life of pan pac :)

still kinda creeps me out.. i dun like heights.. but must smile for the pic :p hee *vain mah*

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